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Battlebit Remastered Roadmap 2024: New Update Schedule & Improvements

Prepare for another year of fantastic low-poly action as we discuss the upcoming updates and new content schedule for Battlebit Remastered in 2024.
Battlebit Remastered Roadmap 2024: New Update Schedule & Improvements

The success of the low-poly, massive multiplayer FPS game Battlebit Remastered over the past year is well-known, and as we enter 2024, players are eagerly anticipating what comes next. Specifically, fans likely want to know what sort of content they can expect on the roadmap for the upcoming year.

To provide you with an overview of what to anticipate, we will be delving into the Battlebit Remastered roadmap, sharing details on confirmed upcoming content, and discussing any improvements and updates set to enhance the gaming experience. Without further ado, let's delve into the information we have so far.

9 April 2024 - We've checked for the latest info and news.

Battlebit Remastered 2024 Roadmap Overview

At the time of writing, the developers haven't released any form of roadmap for Battlebit Remastered; however, there is a very good reason for that. As part of a development post in January 2024, the devs told fans that they had chosen to stray away from using a traditional roadmap at this time. Furthermore, they explained:

"This decision allows the development team the flexibility to address emerging priorities, respond to player feedback promptly, and make dynamic adjustments without being constrained by a predetermined timeline. We are working on a way to create a more balanced expectation and better transparency between the community and Developers."

Despite the reluctance to issue a formal roadmap for the game, we do still have a small glimpse of what content we can expect over the next few months in 2024 at the very least.

Battlebit Remastered key art
While we don't have a confirmed roadmap, we do know what's coming next for the game (Picture: SgtOkiDoki)

Battlebit Remastered New Update Schedule For 2024

Moving forward the developers are going to approach updates to the game in a very different way to their previous cadence. Writing on an official blogpost published to Steam, the devs told fans:

"We learned from the past year that pushing updates out weekly wasn't the best option, as we had little to no time to actually test them out properly. With that being said, expect a more streamlined update process with content, optimizations, and surprises."

"We are already working on new ways to collect feedback from those in-game as well as storing more stats to better help us understand our player base. This in turn provides you with a dynamic gaming experience that keeps you anticipating what's coming next."

"Our goal this year is to create a steady stream of new features and improvements to keep BattleBit Remastered fresh, exciting, and appealing. Though this implies a decrease in frequency, this will give us the opportunity to better test our updates/patches and figure out issues and bugs that may arise before pushing them onto the live servers. This upcoming update is no exception."

Battlebit Remastered key art
The developers are taking a new approach to Battlebit Remastered updates in 2024. (Picture: SgtOkiDoki)

Confirmed Upcoming Updates

So far the following updates have been confirmed as part of Battlebit Remastered Update 2.2.5:

Backend Improvements:

  • Storing more stats of each player
  • new unlockables through stats
  • new challenges

Weapon Improvements:

  • new attachment camouflages
  • weapon ghillie skins
  • weapon charms
  • attachments visual update

Sound Updates:

  • remade all weapon sounds
  • remade all vehicle sounds
  • remade all environment sounds (footsteps, bullet pass by, ...)
  • sound occlusion added

Of course, there could be more additions made to the game other than what's been listed above, such as new weapons, class tweaks and further balances. After all, the developers have stated they want to be more flexible and dynamic, so they could yet update these current plans with further changes.

Battlebit Remastered update 2.2.5 roadmap
Here's what's coming to the game with the 2.2.5 Update (Picture: SgtOkiDoki)

So there you have it, everything we know about the roadmap of content to come in Battlebit Remastered in 2024. Of course, we'll update this page as we learn more, so be sure to check back soon for more news as we get it.