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Can You Play BattleBit Remastered On Steam Deck?

Trying to play BattleBit Remastered on Steam Deck but struggling to get it running? Well, we are here to save the day!
Can You Play BattleBit Remastered On Steam Deck?

You might be wondering: Is BattleBit Remastered Steam Deck verified? And why wouldn't you? The latest low-poly shooter game has triggered mass excitement, garnering tremendous acclaim among FPS enthusiasts alike. As such, the question remains: Does BattleBit Remastered run on Steam Deck?

The answer? Yes and no. While the game's compatibility with Valve's portable gaming console is complex, this guide will show you how to get BattleBit Remastered working on the Steam Deck. Better yet, we'll detail the best settings to use, ensuring you get the best possible experience from the console!

How To Play BattleBit Remastered On Steam Deck


To be clear, BattleBit Remastered is not Steam Deck verified. But that doesn't mean it's not playable on the platform. That being said, we'll endeavor to explain how to get the game working on Valve's console.

  • Navigate to the Steam client and right-click on BattleBit Remastered.
  • Select "Properties" from the menu options.
  • Look for the "Compatibility" option and ensure that "Force to use" is enabled.
  • Select "Proton 6.3-8. " Note: The newer versions of Proton can prevent BattleBit Remastered from playing on the Steam Deck, so stick with this version for now.
  • Afterward, launch BattleBit Remastered using Easy Anti Cheat.

Important: The developers expressed that they plan to use FACEIT instead of Easy Anti Cheat, which does not support Linux and may interfere with your ability to play on the Steam Deck. However, they noted that they would be dedicating some resources to having proper Steam Deck support in the future.

Best BattleBit Remastered Steam Deck Settings


Now that we have BattleBit Remastered running on the Steam Deck let's go into some actual settings. So the first thing you will want to do is set your framerate to 60 FPS. You might be tempted to crank the frames up, but don't.

The reason for this is simple: the screen of the Steam Deck is designed for games to run at 60FPS. So putting your FPS higher won't matter because you literally won't be able to see the additional frames.

The hardware of the Steam Deck is quite robust, so you can leave most of the remaining settings active. However, for the best performance in BattleBit Remastered, disable Motion Blur and Screen Shaking. Finally, set your FOV to 110 and keep your draw distance near the middle of the slider.

And that's pretty much everything to know about being able to play BattleBit Remastered on Steam Deck. While you're here, you might want to consider reading our guide on how to level up quickly. Otherwise, check out our guide discussing the best weapon in the game.