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Why You Should Be Playing Battlerite

MOBAs are so passé.
When you think of arena brawlers, your initial reaction is to think of popular MOBAs such as Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm. And that’s not surprising. Both have large player bases and a thriving e-sports scene. With games of this calibre always in the spotlight, sometimes one you should be playing slips under your radar.That game is Stunlock Studios Battlerite, a best of five round MOBA still in early access but creeping into the world of e-sports one round at a time. While it opened for testing in 2016, its origins go back further than that, to 2011. Bloodline Champions, winner of Game of the Year at the Swedish Game Awards, was a free-to-play action game. It was met with favourable reviews praising its skill and lack of RNG. Unfortunately, its popularity faded and it’s become a fossil on the Steam store.

[caption id="attachment_100411" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Bloodline Champions Bloodline Champions – Stunlock’s original brawler would later set the foundations for its spiritual successor, Battlerite.[/caption] That said, Stunlock Studios were confident in their ability to create action packed arena brawlers and began working on Battlerite. Expanding on many Bloodline characters, players have a choice of 24 “champions” divided over three classes. Fans of LoL and Dota 2 will know those classes well – Melee, Ranged and filthy healers (sorry, Support). Battlerite went Free-to-play in October 2017 and the developers have already awarded players with bundles of new content like holiday events and playable champions. Destiny the Sky Ranger and Alysia the Ice Weaver are two of the newest faces in the arena while they were this week joined by Zander the Magnificent Magician. Because, who doesn’t love throwing enchanted playing cards at enemies and then turning into a rabbit to hop away? [caption id="attachment_100412" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Battlerite Battlerite – players fight in 2s or 3s with a cooldown system on abilities replacing traditional mana.[/caption] It doesn’t matter what class you main. You could be a tank like Rook who rushes into battle with “a giant hammer in one hand and his dinner in the other”. Or perhaps you’re a sassy Support like Lucie, known for mixing the perfect potion to aid her team. Either way, Battlerite has someone for you. The free-to-play pool rotates daily. But it doesn’t take long to complete a few quests to unlock your first champion of choice. Alternatively, you can spend less than £25 on the Champions Forever pack for unlimited access to all current and future characters. Any in-game currency used to purchase champions will then be refunded, allowing you to stock up on cosmetics like seasonal outfits and comical weapons. We’ve recently seen Battlerite making its first baby steps onto the e-sports scene. The Battlerekt series is in full swing and various teams of 3 are brawling it out for a share of the $9,000 prize pool. Despite previously dominating performances from the likes of Team Impact, sign-ups are still available so it remains anyone’s game. The events are streamed live to Twitch with e-sports personalities Kevin Brown and Christian Toma on casting duties. [caption id="attachment_100413" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Zander Magic Mayhem Zander – Battlerite’s newest champion can be purchased as part of the Magic Mayhem bundle.[/caption] With the Magic Mayhem patch recently released, now is the perfect time to jump into Battlerite. You won’t have to spend a penny as many beginner-friendly champions like Raigon and Jade are viable for ranked play. Then again, the same could be said for all of them once mastered. And, like with most brawlers, there’s no better feeling than finally succeeding in previously tough matchups. The AAA titles aren’t going anywhere. Enter the arena today and watch the crowd go wild. As Zander would say, “Hold onto your hats, everybody.” Battlerite is free to download on Steam and is rumoured to be launching on Xbox later this year.