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BitLife Beauty Is Pain Challenge: How To Complete

Beauty Is Pain is the brand new BitLife weekly challenge. Here is how you can complete it quickly.
BitLife Beauty Is Pain Challenge: How To Complete
Picture: Candywriter

BitLife's new weekly challenge called Beauty is Pain Challenge is live, and players can complete it to get a mystery prize. You can find it by going into the menu and navigating to the Challenges section. Players have 4 days to complete the challenge, and here is how you can do it quickly.

BitLife Beauty is Pain Challenge Guide

You need to complete five tasks in BitLife Beauty is Pain Challenge.
You need to complete five tasks in BitLife Beauty is Pain Challenge. (Picture: Candywriter)

In order to complete BitLife Beauty is Pain challenge, you need to do the following tasks:

  • Be born a female in New York
  • Have 100% Looks
  • Master 2+ martial art styles
  • Fight someone during a walk
  • Fight 2+ People in prison

Be Born A Female In New York

To complete this task, all you have to do is start a new life by going to the Main Menu and select the following options:

  • Gender: Female
  • Country: United States
  • City: New York

Have 100% Looks

This task might take some time to achieve as you will have to maintain a good diet, exercise regularly, go to the salon, and might even have to go through plastic surgery.

Master 2+ Martial Art Styles

To complete this task, go to Activities and from there, scroll down to find the Mind & Body section. Then, look for Martial Arts in the list and master 2+ martial art styles of your choice.

Fight Someone During A Walk

From the Mind & Body tab in Activities, choose to go on a Walk, and you will be approached by people. Simply choose the options that initiate an argument or a fight. However, keep in mind that you might not be successful in the first attempt.

Fight 2+ People In Prison

You will meet multiple people in BitLife, and to go to prison, you will have to assault or murder them. Apart from this, you can also steal something in order to commit a crime and go to prison. Once you are there, you can easily initiate a fight with people you meet there.