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What Time Do Bitlife Weekly Challenges Reset?

Here is the exact time that you are left with until the next BitLife Weekly Challenge arrives.
What Time Do Bitlife Weekly Challenges Reset?
Picture: Candywriter

Want to know the exact time left till BitLife Weekly Challenges reset? Find out the countdown here.

BitLife features weekly challenges that players can complete in a week in order to earn mystery rewards. These weekly challenges reset every week, and here is the exact time for it.

March 4 Update: The last weekly challenge, Beauty Is Pain Challenge, is not available anymore. 

BitLife Weekly Challenges Reset Time & Countdown

Bitlife Weekly Challenges Reset Time.
Bitlife Weekly Challenges Reset Time. (Picture: Candywriter)

BitLife weekly challenges are available every Saturday around 8 PM GMT; however, this can change. The current challenge, i.e., GTL Challenge, will run till March 6. This means that players have limited time to finish the current challenge before a new one is released.

Time Till New BitLife Weekly Challenges Release
4 days, 18:18:43

The challenges vary in difficulty and theme and often require players to follow certain rules or conditions like becoming a president, actor, etc.

How To Access Past BitLife Weekly Challenges?

Access Past BitLife Weekly Challenges With Challenge Vault.
Access Past BitLife Weekly Challenges With Challenge Vault. (Picture: Candywriter)

If you missed a challenge or want to replay an old one, you can do so by purchasing the Challenge Vault add-on, which costs $4.99 (without tax). The Challenge Vault allows players to access 100+ weekly challenges and complete them at their own pace.

You can access the Challenge Vault by tapping on the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen and selecting "Challenge Vault".

You can then browse through the available challenges and tap on the one you want to start. You can also see your progress and achievements for each challenge.