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Multiplayer Is Finally Coming To Buckshout Roulette

Multiplayer is coming to Buckshot Roulette, developers have suggested.
Multiplayer Is Finally Coming To Buckshout Roulette
(Picture: Critical Reflex)

A multiplayer mode is coming to Critical Reflex's Buckshot Roulette, the developers and publishers have hinted. In a Steam update, they wrote, "To all of you who dream about a multiplayer mode, we hear you, and are working hard on making this dream a reality. We’re not ready to share any details at this time, but we’d love to at least give you some reassurance in this chaotic world."

With that said, it seems pretty likely that Critical Reflex will add multiplayer to Buckshot Roulette some time soon. Multiplayer would allow players to play the popular roguelike card-based title together, and experience the roulette game with friends.

For now, there's no specific release date for the new mode or any other updates, but we'll be sure to update as soon as that changes. Based on Critical Reflex's Steam update, it seems highly likely that Buckshot Roulette will add multiplayer very soon. It's a highly fan-requested feature, and it seems that developers are interested in adding it to the game.

For now, Buckshot Roulette is also currently available in a 50% off bundle with Inscryption, meaning that if you buy one title, you'll get the other one free through the bundle. Some have jokingly described Buckshot Roulette as "Inscryption with a shotgun," thanks to the similarities between the two roguelike titles. However, both games have their own unique charm and style - and you can get both of them for only $11 during the current ongoing Steam bundle sale.