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Best Kilo 141 loadout for Warzone Season 2

The best attachments and Class Setup for the Kilo 141 Assault Rifle in Warzone Season 2.
Best Kilo 141 loadout for Warzone Season 2

Since the early days of Warzone, the Kilo 141 was always a top contender for one of the best Assault Rifles in the game, and things are not changing much in Season 2, it is still one of the best and most popular weapons in the game.

The Kilo 141 is still a staple of the Warzone meta, and the best thing is that there are several viable builds to choose from, based on your playstyle.

It all depends on your personal preferences and how you like to approach the battle. You can create strong builds for both long-range and close-range combat, but that doesn't mean that you are forced into that playstyle if you opt for those builds, it only means that you are emphasizing those capabilities of the weapon.

With all that in mind, let's take a look at one particularly strong loadout that we prefer.

Best Kilo 141 loadout for Warzone Season 2

warzone Kilo 141 best class setup season 2
(Picture: Activision)

This is a mid-range build for the Kilo 141, which we find to be more reliable than some other builds, but it all comes down to how you like to play the game.

For this build, we think that these are the best attachments in Warzone S2

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
    Monolithic Suppressor is pretty much an integral part of any viable gun build in Warzone, necessary for keeping us from the minimap and improving damage range.
  • Barrel: Singuard Arms 19.8'' Prowler
    This is the longest barrel available for the weapon, which will additionally boost your Damage Range, Bullet Velocity, and Recoil Control, all perfect improvements for our long to mid-range build.
  • Optic: VLK 3.0x Optic
    A more or less standard optic, which will help you to spot the enemies from a distance and take them down quickly.
  • Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip
    Now that we have good Damage Range and Bullet Velocity, we need to improve our aim, and that's where Commando Foregrip fits in, with Recoil Stabilization and Aiming Stability
  • Ammunition: 100 Round Drums
    The 100 Round Drums have fallen out of fashion in Season 1, but we think that the ability to stay in prolonged fights without the need to reload is really important, and the negative effect on mobility is not really huge.

warzone Kilo 141 best loadout season 2
(Picture: Activision)

In our opinion, this Kilo 141 build can outshine almost any other weapon in the game if played properly and it offers by far the biggest raw power in mid-range fights. The only real negative side of this build is mobility, so that's something that you should keep in mind when picking the other weapon and you should be careful when positioning yourself in the game.

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