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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
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New Warzone Season 2 Out of Bounds glitch is migraine-inducing

There's a new Warzone glitch making the rounds after the season 2 update, and it is so annoying it could cause migraines for some gamers.

Since the release of Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2, there have been some issues, such as an unintentional nerf to Suppressors, a new invisibility glitch in Rebirth Island, and more. In Verdansk, players have also been experiencing a new Warzone "Out of Bounds" glitch, with a terrible, constant sound effect that could be considered migraine-inducing.

New Warzone Out of Bounds glitch

The new Warzone Season 2 glitch which was spotted on Verdansk recently permanently marks players as "Out of Bounds".

Under normal circumstances, players who move to the edges of Verdansk have 5 seconds to go back after they've crossed the invisible threshold. After the countdown ends, the player is killed.

New Warzone Season 2 glitch Out of Bounds migraine(Picture: Yo_Quick_Question)

With the new Warzone "Out of Bounds" glitch, the countdown timer for some players reaches 0 and nothing happens.

For those who haven't experienced going out of bounds yet, there's a bright red screen and a loud sound, with a countdown timer.

With this glitch, even if you make it back to a safe area, this annoying sound and screen persist for the rest of the match. It is, without a doubt, migraine-inducing. Check out the glitch in action below and experience it for yourself.


The "Out of Bounds" Warzone glitch was aptly named "Migraine Mode" by Reddit user yo_quick_question who posted the clip.

Thankfully, this glitch doesn't appear to be too widespread just yet, judging from the comments by Reddit users. There's no indication if this new glitch in Warzone Season 2 can also appear in Rebirth Island.

Raven Software did recently release the Warzone 1.33 update but the fix for the new Out of Bounds glitch was not included.

The developers did note another update is on its way this week but at the time of writing, there's no clear indication of this new Warzone glitch being fixed.