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MW3: How To Get The Priceless Camo

Working up to the Interstellar camouflage? Come find out how to unlock the Priceless camouflage
MW3: How To Get The Priceless Camo

The MW3 mastery camouflages are pretty amazing, with Interstellar being the leading and prized possession of them all. However, the predecessor of the Interstellar camo, "Priceless," looks just as awesome and is rather hard to achieve. If you'rethis far into the grind, you've got another world of pain heading your way.

How To Unlock The Priceless Camouflage In Modern Warfare 3

Image: Activision

Priceless camo is a new camouflage that can be earned in MW3 towards the build-up to Interstellar camo. The Priceless camo can only be used on MW3 weapons and not MW2 transferred weapons because it's contributing to the MW3 mastery camos only. 

To unlock the Priceless camo, follow these steps:

  • Complete the Forged camo challenge for the weapon you're using
  • Complete all 36 Forged camo challenges for MW3 weapons 
  • Complete an individual Priceless challenge specific to the weapon you're using 
  • Complete all 36 Gilded weapon challenges 
  • Complete the Gilded camo challenge for the weapon you're using

An example of an individual Priceless challenge would be "Get five kills without dying ten times" leading to the unlock of the priceless camouflage for that specific weapon. 

Essentially, you must complete all Gilded and Forged camo challenges before you can unlock the Priceless camo in Modern Warfare 3, taking an abundance of time and a crazy amount of patience. However, completing Priceless challenges is something to be proud of within MW3.