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Modern Warfare 3 To Bring Back Map Voting

In this article, we discuss the possibility of the fan-favorite map voting feature's possible return to Modern Warfare 3.
Modern Warfare 3 To Bring Back Map Voting

If you've played any Call of Duty titles in the past few years, then it's likely you know the importance of good map design, as well as the struggles of playing on bad ones. In the past, this issue was often corrected with the map voting feature, allowing players to give direct feedback on the maps that worked and the ones that didn't. 

However, in recent COD titles, the feature was removed, making the next map that loaded up completely random. Now, with the arrival of Modern Warfare 3, players are looking at Activision to possibly bring back the feature and give players the option to vote on their favorite maps and skip the ones they don't like. So let's take a look at the possibility of map voting returning in Call for Duty Modern Warfare 3. 

What is Map Voting? 

In contemporary Call of Duty titles like Modern Warfare 2, the procedure involves progressing through the next map in rotation, resulting in a randomly selected location for each lobby. However, this wasn't always the norm, as earlier CoD games allowed players the option to "vote to skip," granting them the power to decide which maps they played and offering Activision insights into which maps were frequently avoided.

Modern Warfare 3 Will Map Voting Return and What is map voting
Map voting allowed players to skip certain maps in favor of ones they preferred, and many players are desperate to have the feature return in MW3. (Picture: Activision)

Ultimately, this capability was eliminated in the current generation of games, and the reason behind this change carries both positive and negative aspects. Although it led to a more frequent selection of popular maps, certain locations suffered from being frequently skipped, resulting in limited gameplay opportunities. Given the substantial effort invested in designing CoD maps, developers wanted the player community to experience a broader spectrum of the map pool, motivating the removal of voting.

Will Map Voting Come Back in Modern Warfare 3?

Now, let's delve into the reasoning and speculation surrounding the potential return of the map voting feature in Modern Warfare 3. On July 6, a prominent Call of Duty Twitter account, ModernWarzone, advocated for the comeback of map voting in upcoming titles. The tweet has garnered over 9,000 likes as of the current writing, receiving resounding support from fans, which could potentially capture Activision's attention.

Another well-regarded Twitter account, @charlieINTEL, recently reported that "Modern Warfare 3 MP will reportedly feature map voting, per @el_bobberto." While this source is reputable, we still lack official confirmation from the developers that this feature will indeed return in MW3. Therefore, it's prudent to treat this information with some skepticism.

Considering all of this, what's the likely outcome regarding the reappearance of the map voting feature in MW3? While there's hope for its return to providing players with more influence over their map selection and the chance to express concerns about specific maps, it appears improbable. 

Modern Warfare 3 Will Map Voting Return likely not
As much as we and other fans want the feature to return, it's unlikely that map voting will return in MW3. (Picture: Activision)

Both Activision and Infinity Ward are likely to desire the utilization of all their maps. While we can't definitively state the outcome, for now, this seems to be the most reasonable expectation. Naturally, should there be any developments or news about this feature, we'll be sure to update you accordingly. Feel free to check back here for further updates soon.