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MW3 x The Walking Dead Event: Fear The Living Start Date, Rewards

MW3 is collaborating with The Walking Dead in Season 2, bringing a special in-game event: Fear The Living.
MW3 x The Walking Dead Event: Fear The Living Start Date, Rewards

As part of the Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 launch, Call of Duty is teaming up with The Walking Dead to bring both Rick Grimes and Michonne onto the battle field. As part of the crossover, a new in-game event will be taking place in MW3 called Fear The Living.

As with all Call of Duty events, players will be able to complete a set of challenges to earn themselves some exciting rewards. Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming MW3 x The Walking Dead: Fear The Living event

MW3 x The Walking Dead Event: Start & End Date

The MW3 x The Walking Dead: Fear The Living event won't be kicking off with the launch of Season 2. Rather, it'll be starting in the mid-season. Activision has revealed that Fear The Living will begin on February 28, 2024

The event will run up until March 6, 2024, giving players exactly one week to complete challenges and earn all available rewards.

Like past events, players will likely be completing a series of challenges within their Multiplayer matches to earn XP. The more event XP you earn, the more rewards you'll unlock.

MW3 x The Walking Dead Event: All Rewards

Equip the Michonne Operator skin to earn an XP boost during the Fear The Living event. (Picture: Activision)

So far, Activision has confirmed that there will be 10 rewards in total to unlock throughout the event. While it hasn't been revealed exactly what players will be working towards just yet, we expect some of these rewards to be Double XP or Double Weapon XP tokens. Rewards will also likely consist of animated Calling Cards and Emblems. 

Like past events, such as Season 1's Dune crossover, players who equip the special skin for this event will earn an XP boost. For the Fear The Living event, players who equip the Michonne Operator skin from the Tracer Pack: The Walking Dead: Michonne bundle will earn an XP boost towards unlocking these rewards.

Wondering what else is coming in MW3 Season 2? Check out our guide to all of the new maps set to drop this season. Speaking of Dune, the MW3 x Dune collaboration is returning, this time with a brand new event: Rule of Fate, set to arrive with the mid-season content drop.