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MW3 Campaign: Trojan Horse How To Diffuse Bomb

Keep blowing up because you can't find that logo? We've got you covered!
MW3 Campaign: Trojan Horse How To Diffuse Bomb

Overwhelmingly tense doesn't begin to describe the Trojan Horse mission in Modern Warfare 3, being stuck underneath the English channel working to diffuse Makarovs' bomb on the Euro Tunnel.

Despite the bomb appearing to be another typical and mindless objective to complete, the weird mechanics and experience lead to confusion and plenty of retries.

MW3: How to Diffuse Bomb on Trojan Horse 

654648f23d410-Trojan Horse Mission Bear.jpg
Image: Manufacturer Logo - Activision

Diffusing the bomb inside this mission is incredibly confusing because of the mechanics. Soap mentions to "locate the logo on the main circuit board," however, it's nowhere to be seen upon glancing multiple times. 

To find the circuit board logo, follow these steps:

  1. Continue to hold your analog stick or move your mouse as far right as possible
  2. Upon locating the "main circuit board," glance into the top right 
  3. You will see the image above, select "A Bear" to complete the first step

The logo location and steps apply to all players. It's not random for each playthrough. Then, for a moment, you will have to battle more enemies while Soap holds onto dear life as he attempts not to blow the bomb up by mistake.

After defeating the enemies, head back to the bomb and follow these steps:

  1. Hold the analog stick or move your mouse as far left as possible 
  2. Once on the left circuit board, go to the bottom left corner
  3. Locate the serial number on a silver plate on top of a switch 
  4. Soap will ask you to read out the third number of the serial number
  5. Select "9," as it will always be "9" for all players.

It's imperative you locate the serial number; otherwise, the prompt to complete the objective will not be shown, blowing up the bomb and restarting the checkpoint. 

65464a8a62934-Trojan Horse Bomb diffusal switcher.JPG
Image: Serial Number - Activision

Finally, you will move on to the last step to diffuse the bomb after again being interrupted to fight more enemies. You will be required to cut the red wire simultaneously as Gaz. 

To cut the red wire, simply head to the bomb where Soap was located and cut the red wire precisely on "3" with Gaz while Captain Price counts down. This will disarm the bomb and complete the objective.