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Modern Warfare 3 Zombies: All Ammo Mods

There's plenty of ways to customize your play style in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, such as with Ammo Mods.
Modern Warfare 3 Zombies: All Ammo Mods

Zombies mode has always provided players with numerous ways to augment their weapons, through perks, items, and even the ammo type. In Modern Warfare 3, players will be able to find and craft specific Ammo Mods that each provide a different effect when fired.

In Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, there are five different Ammo Mods for players to find or craft during a match.

MW3 Zombies: All Ammo Mods Listed

Of the five different Ammo Mods available in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies at launch, each one is fairly self-explanitory when it comes to their effects. The available Ammo Mods are:

  • Brain Rot
  • Cryo Freeze
  • Dead Wire
  • Napalm Burst
  • Shatter Blast

These particular Ammo Mods have been seen in past Call of Duty titles, and their effects will be largely the same. Brain Rot augments bullets with Toxic damage, Cryo Freeze with Frost damage, Dead Wire with Electric damage, Napalm Burst with Fire damage, and Shatter Blast with Explosive damage. 

It's unclear whether these Ammo Mods will also have tiers which provide additional benefits as each ammo type is leveled up, similar to that of Black Ops Cold War. But, the return of these Ammo Mods will be a welcome sight for Zombies fans regardless.

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