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Nakamura sets new world record In Bullet Chess speedrun

The Grandmaster set the new record in the Bullet Chess Speedrun Presented By Stella Artois.
Nakamura sets new world record In Bullet Chess speedrun

GM Hikaru Nakamura has broken the world record. for most victories against unique opponents in one hour in the 1|0 bullet time control.

Bullet chess refers to games played with time controls that are faster than 3 minutes per player. The most popular forms of bullet chess is 1|0.

The world record was set on 1st June, during the Bullet Chess Speedrun presented by Stella Artois on

As over 22,000 viewers watched on his Twitch channel, Nakamura wracked up 52 consecutive wins over a 60-minute timeframe, beating the previous record of 32.

Hikaru Nakamura world record bullet chess
Nakamura is one of the most recognisable chess players in the world and now represents esport organisation TSM. (Picture: TSM)

The record-breaking attempt was a partnership with Stella Artois and was hosted on, the goal - at the outset - to smash the previous record. Prizes including a Stella chess set were on offer for viewers.

Nakamura has been front and centre of a new wave of rockstar chess players who frequently compete and broadcast on Twitch, a list that includes Magnus Carlsen, and Andrea and Alexandra Botez aka the Botez sisters.

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