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Hans Niemann "Not Backing Down" Despite Bombshell Cheating Scandal

Chess grandmaster Hans Niemann says he's "not backing down" from cheating allegations in an interview at the U.S. Chess Championship.
Hans Niemann "Not Backing Down" Despite Bombshell Cheating Scandal

For those not in the know, American grandmaster Hans Niemann has recently come under fire following multiple cheating allegations. These accusations stem from several credible sources.

The first is evidence provided by Chess.com that Hans Niemann was banned in the past for cheating. The second is Magnus Carlsen, arguably the greatest chess player of all time, who withdrew for the first time in history at a tournament.

This was later supported by Hikaru Nakamura, Carlsen's long-term rival, who picked apart their game and noticed some very strange moves and unusual body language during the match.

Hans Niemann Will Not Back Down" From Cheating Allegations

Hans Niemann cheating scandal
Hans Niemann is "not backing down" when it comes to his cheating allegations. (Picture: Niemann)

Niemann has maintained his innocence, claiming that he has not cheated, at least concerning the most recent accusations.

During an interview at the U.S. Chess Championship, Niemann stated that he is "not backing down" in the face of these allegations and is ensuring the naysayers that the "chess will speak for itself."

It is clear that Niemann wants the public to recognize his skill in defeating Carlsen and is happy to ride out this wave of publicity.

Niemann has gone on to ask others to join him for interviews or provide more substantial evidence.

For example, he Tweeted Nakamura asking for an interview, asking him to take accountability for his actions and the damage done to Niemann's reputation because of them, to which he received no reply. 

Niemann's Career Moving Forward

Hans Niemann Chess Memes Reddit
An interesting theory to prove Niemann's cheating. (Picture: Reddit)

Niemann has since become somewhat of a meme online as a result of the cheating accusations.

While popular media tabloids focus more on the cheating scandal itself, after Twitch streamers introduced a wider audience to the world of chess, internet culture has long been interested in the activities of some of the most famous chess personalities.

A clip uploaded to r/LiveStreamFails (embedded below) showed Niemann being scanned for external devices upon entering the U.S. Chess Championship tournament venue.

Accordingly, speculative fans have begun spouting claims that a miniaturized suppository computer is the cause of Niemann's supposed cheating.

Until we know for sure whether or not Niemann is innocent, he is certainly receiving a lot of press which will undoubtedly further his career if and when his allegations are dismissed. 

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Featured image courtesy of Magnus Carlsen and Hans Niemann.