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New Civ 7 Game Could Be Revealed Soon, Firaxis Job Listing Hints

A recent job posting could indicate that Civilization 7 could be coming soon.
New Civ 7 Game Could Be Revealed Soon, Firaxis Job Listing Hints
Firaxis Games

Civilization 7 has not even been confirmed yet but it is possible that we are going to start seeing advertisements and trailers for it very soon. It has been a long time since the latest DLC for Civilization 6 and even longer since Civ 6 initially launched way back in 2016.

Naturally, fans are clamoring for a new title and although there is no confirmed release date for Civ 7 just yet, that does not mean that the game is not in development. More recently there appears to have been some new job postings at Firaxis that make us believe that the marketing for Civ 7 could be kicking off sometime soon.

Civilization 7 Could Be Unveiled Soon

Civilization 7
It's been well over 6 years since the last Civilization game launched. (Picture: Firaxis)

Reddit users have noticed that a new job posting has appeared online. Although it is not advertised for Civilization 7, it heavily implies that it is for that game. The job posting is for a new Product Marketing Senior Manager position at Firaxis, who as many might know, are the head developer for the Civilization series. The job posting specifically indicates that applicants should have a "wealth of knowledge of Fraxis titles, especially Civilization."

The job listing goes on to suggest that Firaxis is planning “for the future of one of gaming’s most beloved franchises,” and to continue Civilization’s "reign as the best strategy game on Earth.”

That seems oddly specific unless Firaxis is planning to ramp up news about Civ 7 in the next year.

When Will We Hear More About Civilization 7?

Civ 7 Ads
Civilization 7 could very well launch sometime in 2024. (Picture: Firaxis)

More than likely, Civilization 7 marketing will start appearing sometime in 2024. Civ 6 first launched back in 2016 and given the timing, it would make the most sense that Civ 7 will launch in 2024. That means Civ 7 will likely be announced, have ads, and launch all during the duration of 2024.

It should be important to note that nothing has been confirmed by Firaxis, 2K, or any other team that would be working on Civilization 7. It could be even longer before we get even a word about Civ 7. But given the timing, it is very likely that Civ 7 is on the way and we should be seeing ads for it in 2024. For now, we will have to wait for an official announcement of the game.