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Warzone Dev Error 6068 - how to fix

An error message in Warzone Season 6 has been a real thorn for PC players but there looks to be a number of ways to solve it.
Warzone Dev Error 6068 - how to fix

Call of Duty: Warzone is infamous for the number of bugs and errors that its featured since its release in March. It seems with every update, a new bug is found by the player base and it takes the developer weeks to patch it out. 

The latest bug to make its way into Warzone is actually an error message (Dev error 6068). PC players began to see this message at the start of Season Six and since then, it hasn't gone away, even with Activision stating they're working on it. 

Warzone dev error 6068This error message has greeted far too many players since Season Six of Warzone began in September. (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

However, nearly a month later and there's still no official fix for the error message. While you can sit around and wait for the error to be patched, you can also try some unofficial workarounds that have solved the issue for members of the community. 

Ways to solve Dev Error 6068 in Warzone 

Thankfully, the problem is only on PC, as the error message is in reference to software on one's computer. As the message states, "DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error". This could mean a slew of things but the root of the problem could be a corrupted version of DirectX12. 

In order to solve this problem and not continue seeing the error message again, the community has reported multiple methods you can try that won't have any serious repercussions to your game or PC. 

  1. Uninstall and reinstall Warzone on Battle.Net (last-case scenario)
  2. Run Warzone as an Administrator (right-click on the application)
  3. Ensure your GPU drivers and Windows are up to date
  4. Set Warzone as 'high priority' in Task Manager 
  5. Disable Ray-Tracing/shaders in Warzone 
  6. Set your display mode to Borderless in the game's graphics settings 
  7. Scan and Repair Warzone through Battle.Net in the Call of Duty options

At the moment, these appear to be the only fixes that have worked for the community. However, if any more are found or reported, we'll update this article with the newest information.