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Best CR-56 AMAX loadout for COD: Mobile Season 5

The CR-56 AMAX assault rifle boasts great stats that might launch this weapon straight to the top of the meta. We tested the gun and here we present you the best class setup for CR-56 AMAX in COD: Mobile
The CR-56 AMAX is the latest assault rifle added to COD: Mobile's arsenal in Season 5 and it comes with stats that make the weapon a strong choice in the Season 5 meta.

The new CR-56 AMAX has a relatively weak basic damage output, but the real power of this weapon comes in its insane mobility and the fact that it has one of the fastest rates of fire in its weapon class.

The best CR-56 AMAX loadout for COD: Mobile Season 5
(Picture: Activision)

With that in mind, this weapon is perfect for the run-and-gun playstyle and it can almost be played like an SMG in some cases due to its fire rate and freedom of movement.

The weapon is perfect for mid to close-range combat and it works great for players that prefer to constantly be on the move and overcome opponents by "dancing" around them.

The best CR-56 AMAX loadout for COD: Mobile Season 5

CR 56 AMAX COD Mobile Best Loadout
(Picture: Activision)

The build focuses on the weapon's strengths with an idea to further emphasize the weapon's mobility and overall speed.

You should use these attachments for the best CR-56 AMAX loadout in COD: Mobile.

  • Barrel: Gunner Stock
  • Stock: Custom Strike
  • Laser: OWC Laser Tactical
  • Underbarrel: Strike Foregrip
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape

This build will increase your mobility by another 7 points, while also significantly improving your accuracy (+16) and reducing recoil by a bit.

The combination of the build's high mobility and reliable accuracy is perfect for what we are trying to achieve with this CR-56 AMAX class setup - a rush build that will allow you to storm your enemies and be an almost uncatchable target while unleashing a rain of bullets at them thanks to the weapons great fire rate.

While the weapon can perform well at range, for the best results we recommend trying to close the gap as quickly as possible and to be constantly on the move as that's your main advantage.


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