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COD Mobile AR tier list - Every assault rifle ranked from best to worst for Season 5

We rank all the assault rifles in COD Mobile Season 5 from best to worst, taking the current meta and weapon as well as attachment changes into consideration.
COD Mobile AR tier list - Every assault rifle ranked from best to worst for Season 5

With COD Mobile Season 5, there's a shiny new Battle Pass, new maps, modes and events, and much more for players to enjoy. There's also some weapon balance changes focused mostly on attachments, as well as a brand-new assault rifle from the Modern Warfare era, the CR-56 AMAX

While the developer made some significant changes to weapons of all classes in Season 4, in Season 5 there are smaller changes based largely on attachments. However, even the smallest change can knock a weapon down a tier, making way for another that dodged the nerf bat. 

COD Mobile Season 5 Assault Rifle tier list

Assault rifles are all-purpose guns and the most-used class in the game and depending on the attachments and loadout used they can be designed for a multitude of uses.

Keep in mind that tier lists aren't an exact science. However, we strive to make our COD Mobile Season 5 AR tier list as accurate as possible.

Description of the tiers

COD Mobile Assault Rifle AR Season 5 tier list best worst CR-56 AMAX
(Picture: Tiermaker)
  • S-Tier: Even without the perfect loadout, the S-Tier assault rifles in COD Mobile are considered the best of the best. You simply can't go wrong.
  • A-Tier: With the right attachments and a great loadout that suits your playstyle, the A-Tier assault rifles can compete with the S-Tier.
  • B-Tier: The B-Tier ARs can still pack a punch with the perfect loadout, and should be considered average.
  • C-Tier: Only really effective in specific situations or for specific playstyles. You will require the perfect loadout to get the job done.
  • D-Tier: The trash tier. You would be better off simply going for one of the other assault rifles on this list.

AR tier list

There's a total of 18 assault rifles in COD Mobile Season 5, with In Deep Water introducing the CR-56 AMAX into the mix. Below, we ranked all the ARs in COD Mobile Season 5 from best to worst, taking balance changes for both weapons and attachments, as well as the current meta into consideration.

S-Tier ARs:

COD Mobile AR Assault rifle tier list season 5 best to worst CR-56 AMAX
The CR-56 AMAX is making an excellent debut (Activision)

With its high damage output and excellent range, the CR-56 AMAX is a favourite at the start of COD Mobile Season 5. The new weapon is joined by the ever-popular HBRa3 and BK47 in the S-tier.

A-Tier ARs:

COD Mobile Season 5 Assault Rifle AR tier list best ASM10
The ASM10 received a nice buff (Picture: Activision)

The AK-47 might be a favourite to use but it has made way for the CR-56 AMAX in Season 5. The ASM10 has moved up a bit due to a nice buff where aimed fire time is reduced when ASM10 is equipped with an OWC Ranger attachment.

B-Tier ARs:

COD Mobile Season 5 assault rifle AR tier list best worst man-o-war
The Man-O-War drops down a spot (Picture: Activision)
  • Man-O-War
  • Peacekeeper MK2
  • AK117
  • KN-44
  • LK-24

While the Peacekeeper MK2 dropped down a tier from last season, it is still great with the best loadout and is joined by the KN-44, LK-24 and AK117.

C-Tier ARs:

COD Mobile Season 5 tier list AR Assault rifle best worst Type 25
The Type 25 isn't that great (Picture: Activision)
  • Type 25
  • HVK-30
  • FR .556

Some players might still prefer the Type 25 or HVK-30. However, these guns, alongside the FR .556, can only really compete with the A or B tiers when you have the perfect loadout, in certain situations.

D-Tier ARs:

COD Mobile Season 5 assault rifle ar tier list best worst M16
The M16 is a trash-tier AR (Picture: Activision)
  • M4
  • M16
  • ICR-1

The poor old M4 just can't catch a break, staying in the trash tier. At least the M4 isn't alone now, with the M16 and ICR-1 joining it for COD Mobile Season 5.

So there you have it, all the Assault Rifles in COD Mobile Season 5 ranked from best to worst, taking the current meta and balance changes into consideration.

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