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How to complete COD Mobile Season 4 Sandstorm’s Eye event

Today we are going take a look at all the details you need to know about the Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 Sandstorm’s Eye event.
How to complete COD Mobile Season 4 Sandstorm’s Eye event

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs is just around the corner and it promises to be more exciting than ever. The new season will contain new maps, weapons, challenges, and of course, valuable rewards to collect. 

One of the brand new challenges is a themed Event called Sandstorm’s Eye and it promises to be a challenge worth taking up in the new season. So today, we'll look at all the details regarding the Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 Sandstorm’s Eye event and cover everything you need to know. 

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 Sandstorm’s Eye event

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 will feature the all-new Sandstorm’s Eye event for players to take part in. A new addition to the game along with bringing back two of the fan-favorite maps; Black Ops Cold War's Satellite and Modern Warfares Khandor Hideout and the 12v12 Ground War Mode. 

call of duty season 4 battle dogs sandstorms eye event everything you need to know details
The Sandstorms Eye event will be a new feature that involves completing objective nodes in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4: War Dogs. (Picture: Activision)

The Sandstorm’s Eye event requires players to move through the map and analyze the mission map to complete various tasks at what are called "nodes." The nodes are specific locations on the map, and you complete objectives at each one to move on to the next one. 

Some nodes are not like others though and are located on what is called a "vantage point". These vantage points provide buffs to the points you acquire and are well worth investing your effort into prioritizing. 

call of duty mobile season 4 war dogs sandstorms eye event rewards and achievements to collect
There are plenty of unique rewards to receive in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 War Dogs Sandstorm's Eye event. (Picture: Activision)

Examples of some of these Vantage point nodes are the Observation Tower, Great Bridge, and Logistics Stations which will provide the most valuable rewards when completed. So when you see these vantage points light up, we recommend making a B-line for them as they will reward the most XP bonuses and also might give you some unique rewards. 

There will also be daily missions to keep an eye out for that send you into the eye of the storm for huge XP bonuses. Those who score at the top of the leaderboard will receive some additional rewards like the Otter-Sand Drift Operator and the Locus-Side Swindler sniper rifle. 

The new season will be released for iOS and Android devices at 5 pm PT / 12 am GMT on 27 April 2022. And we hope you're as excited to hit the ground running with this new season as we are. 

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Fatured image courtesy of Activision.