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COD Mobile Board of Honor: How to get Pharo - Cut Wave, free Battle Pass XP and more

Here is how you can get free Pharo - Cut Wave in COD Mobile from the new seasonal event, Board of Honor, along with all the list of other rewards like free Battle Pass XP.
COD Mobile Season 5 is underway, and Activision has introduced a bunch of challenges that offer free rewards to all the players for completing simple tasks. Board of Honor is the latest seasonal challenge that has made its way to the game, and players can grab free Pharo - Cut Wave, FHJ-18 - Helm, Battle Pass XP, and more.

Board of Honor is a seven-part seasonal challenge that includes missions around Battle Royale mode. Here is the list of challenges you need to complete in order to unlock Pharo - Cut Wave, along with other rewards in Call of Duty: Mobile for free.

COD Mobile Board of Honor: Missions and rewards

COD Mobile Free Pharo - Cut Wave Board of Honor
Pharo - Cut Wave (Picture: Activision)

The Board of Honor event will run till the end of COD: Mobile Season 5, so make sure to complete the event before the season ends.

  • Play 3 ranked matches: x10 Weapon XP Card and x1000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 15 enemies in BR Ranked Matches: FHJ-18 - Helm, x2000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 15 enemies with any SMGs in BR Ranked Matches: x15 Weapon XP Cards, x2000 Battle Pass XP
  • Earn the Damage Dealer Medal twice in BR Ranked Matches: x1000 Credits, x3000 Battle Pass XP
  • Place in the top 3 in BR Ranked Matches twice: Type 25 - Navigator, x3000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 3 enemies with headshots in BR Ranked Matches: Octopus, x4000 Battle Pass XP 
  • Win 1 BR Ranked Match: Pharo - Cut Wave, x5000 Battle Pass XP
COD Mobile Free Pharo - Cut Wave Board of Honor
Board of Honor Seasonal Challenge (Picture: Activision)

While trying to complete the above-listed tasks, keep in mind that you will be able to move to the next mission only after completing the previous one.

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