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COD Mobile Fennec Ascended: First Mythic weapon causes player outrage

COD Mobile players are disgusted by the Fennec Ascended's prize, as the first Mythic weapon can cost you a whole lot of money.
COD Mobile Fennec Ascended: First Mythic weapon causes player outrage

With the start of COD Mobile Season 11, Activision released a new SMG called the Fennec. It's a nice weapon which you can dual wield with the right build and has become quite popular. On 6th November, Activision released the first Mythic weapon for COD Mobile called the Fennec Ascended. While the cosmetic effects look amazing, many COD players are not happy about the price of fully unlocking it. 

COD Mobile Fennec Ascended causing outrage

The Fennec Ascended, as the first Mythic weapon in COD Mobile, made a big splash, with reactive camo, a brand-new design, and death effect for players to gawk at. However, it also comes at a steep price for some, as lady luck needs to be on your side.

The issue comes in how you can get your hands on this Mythic weapon. You can obtain it via a Lucky Draw, and the chance of getting one is 0.08%. The cost of a Lucky Draw is 30 CoD Points (CP), and this price increases every time you try to get the Fennec Ascended.

COD Mobile Fennec Ascended mythic weapon
(Picture: Activision)


After you've unlocked the Fennec Ascended, spending who knows how many CoD points, the Mythic weapon simply functions as normal. Then, you have to spend even more CoD points to fully upgrade the weapon. Players need to unlock upgrade points for Mythic level attachments, death effects, and more. 

Many players aren't happy about this, as they feel the developer is milking the COD Mobile Fennec Ascended for all it is worth. Some report spending over $500 to unlock and fully upgrade the Fennec Ascended.

Many COD Mobile players on Reddit are calling this move disgusting. There's a whole lot of outrage in the thread above. For example, one Reddit user called ru5tysn4k3 said "genuinely feel sorry for the people who’ll buy the whole draw without knowing this."

In a new Reddit post, Activision explained: "This whole offering for the Fennec - Ascended is meant for those who want to truly deck out and customize an extremely high-quality cosmetic weapon.

"We’ll keep an eye out for feedback and if you have any follow up questions about how it all works feel free to reach out."

It remains to be seen if the developer will make any changes to how players can obtain the COD Mobile Fennec Ascended. At the time of writing, there's no indication if the odds of getting the weapon, and the subsequent upgrades, will be adjusted.