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COD Mobile
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COD Mobile: How to unlock Diamond camos

With COD Mobile Season 13, Diamond mastery camos have finally arrived, and here's how you can unlock them.
After two seasons since it was first teased, COD Mobile Diamond mastery camo is finally here, waiting for players to unlock it and show off a shiny new look of their weapons.

The Diamond camo design was first teased back in Season 11 when the Damascus camo from Modern Warfare was introduced to COD Mobile.

Two months later, and COD Mobile Season 13 has brought us highly anticipated Diamond mastery camo.

The Diamond camouflage was first introduced in Black Ops II, and just like Gold, Platinum, and Damascus, it is a mastery camo as well.

But unlike with the previous Call of Duty games, in COD Mobile Diamond Camo is a completely separate category and not just an upgrade of the Gold Camo.

Here's what you need to do in order to unlock the Diamond mastery camo.

How to unlock the Diamond camo in CoD Mobile

cod mobile diamond camo unlock
(Picture: Activision)

As we've already mentioned, this time around you won't simply be able to just unlock other mastery camos and eventually get the diamond version.

There's a long grind waiting for you before you will be able to use Diamond camos in COD Mobile.

And when we say long, we really mean it, for each weapon, you will need to grind kills, at minimum 1,200 total kills per weapon.

Here's a full list of challenges that you will need to do if you want to obtain COD Mobile Diamond mastery camo for a particular weapon.

  • Assault Rifles: 10 kills per match for 150 matches. (1,500 total kills per assault rifle.)
  • SMGs: 10 kills per match for 120 matches. (1,200 total kills per SMG.)
  • Sniper Rifles: 10 kills per match for 120 matches. (1,200 total kills per sniper rifle.)
  • LMGs: 10 kills per match for 120 matches. (1,200 total kills per LMG.)
  • Shotguns: 10 kills per match for 120 matches. (1,200 total kills per shotgun.)
  • Pistols: 10 kills per match for 80 matches. (1,200 total kills per pistol.)
  • Melee: 500 total kills with each melee weapon.
  • Launchers: 100 UAV takedowns with each launcher.

Good luck with your grind and have fun!