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COD Mobile
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COD Mobile Season 11: Release date, time, new maps, weapons, modes, and more

The holiday season is coming to Call of Duty: Mobile with Season 11, as various leaks hinted at a snow-laden season filled with plenty of festive rewards, weapons, modes and content galore.
Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 will soon be concluding, with the next season approaching soon. Various leaks suggest that Activision will be bringing the holidays to COD Mobile in the upcoming season, which will be named Final Snow.

COD Mobile Season 11 Final Snow will include plenty of rewards, new festive maps and game modes and new weapons to spread holiday cheer all season long. Here's everything we know so far about COD Mobile Season 11, from the expected release date and time to new weapons, modes, a themed event and more.

COD Mobile Season 11 release date and time

The COD Mobile Season 11 update is scheduled to release on 16th December. As for release time, the update should live around 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET / 12 am GMT based on the in-game battle pass timer.

cod mobile season 11 cod mobile season 11 final snow cod mobile season 11 final snow teaser banner
The leaked teaser banner for the upcoming COD Mobile Season 11 called Final Snow. (Picture: Twitter / CODMIntel)

Like previous COD Mobile season releases, various regions will jump into action earlier than others. 

COD Mobile Season 11 content overview

As of writing, some of the content that will be arriving in COD Mobile Season 11 has been leaked from the Chinese version of the game. Players will be seeing plenty of snow throughout Season 11 as well as new weapons, multiplayer modes, balance changes and more Undead Siege content for the Battle Pass.

In addition to all the festive content arriving, a new and familiar map will be coming in Season 11 as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Icebreaker is being teased.

With that in mind, the COD Mobile Season 11 content being teased are the following:

  • New weapons: PKM LMG and D13 Sector
  • New MP map: Icebreaker
  • Themed Event: Holiday OP
  • New Modes: Snowball Fight and Undead Siege - Hell
  • More Undead Siege content

Let’s take a closer look at the leaked information and content that will be arriving in COD Mobile Season 11.

New weapons in COD Mobile Season 11

Two new weapons are currently being teased for COD Mobile Season 11. These two new weapons are the PKM LMG and the D13 Sector.

cod mobile season 11 cod mobile season 11 new weapons cod mobile season 11 pkm lmg
The PKM LMG is one of two new weapons arriving in COD Mobile Season 11. (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

At the time of writing, it is unclear how players will be able to unlock these new weapons, but we expect at least one of them to get unlocked via the free tiers of the COD Mobile Season 11 battle pass and the other via a challenge, as per the tradition.

The PKM LMG comes with a magazine loaded with 100 rounds that can be utilised in close-quarters combat. The weapon has a reload rate of eight seconds, which for players, is quite a long time in-game.

cod mobile season 11 cod mobile season 11 new weapons cod mobile season 11 d13 sector
COD Mobile players will recognise the D13 Sector from COD Black Ops 3. (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

The D13 Sector fires exploding discs that detonate around five seconds after being fired. This secondary weapon was introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, so COD Mobile players should be delighted to know that it’s arriving soon.

New map in COD Mobile Season 11

Only one new map so far is expected to release during COD Mobile Season 11, namely Icebreaker. First introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, the Icebreaker map features plenty of snow, but the real highlight is the presence of a forgotten U.S. Nuclear submarine besides the Arctic houses.

cod mobile season 11 cod mobile season 11 new map cod mobile season 11 icebreaker
The Icebreaker map from COD Black Ops 4 is coming soon to COD Mobile. (Picture: Twitter / CODMIntel)

The map is rumoured to be arriving in the Season 11 update as it was previously tested during the Chinese beta test server. The map was teased besides a new purchasable Crate which players can unlock new content.

New Themed Event for COD Mobile Season 11

Holiday OP is the next themed event arriving in COD Mobile as part of the Season 11 update. Players are tasked with collecting battle stars that are scattered across the battle royale maps.

Once these stars have been collected, a secret password will be revealed to players, which can be used to unlock a safe hidden on a map. Locate the safe and unlock it to find a festive reward inside the safe.

New modes in COD Mobile Season 11

COD Mobile is adding new modes for Season 11, namely Snowfight and Undead Siege - Hell. The Snowfight mode is a new take on the Gunfight mode, where instead of weapons, it replaces them with snowballs. To physically get involved in this mode, players can also dress up as a Snowman when competing in this mode.

cod mobile season 11 cod mobile season 11 new modes cod mobile season 11 snowfight mode
Leaked from the Chinese beta test server, the Snowfight Mode is arriving in COD Mobile's Season 11 update. (Picture: Twitter / CODMIntel)

The Undead Siege - Hell mode will see players engage in action on this Blackout map but on a higher difficulty. This action-packed mode will introduce new ultimate weapons such as the Ray Gun plus the Zombies will have more HP making them even harder to take down.

More Undead Siege content in COD Mobile Season 11

Leaks from the Chinese beta test server revealed that a free Undead Siege emote will be included in COD Mobile Season 11. 

There are plenty of Undead Siege players will be seeing throughout Season 11, with new rewards being teased which include new weapon skins.

That’s everything we know so far about the upcoming season of COD Mobile. We will keep you updated once more information becomes available including the balance changes, improvements and more.

Don’t forget to check out our dedicated COD Mobile section for the latest news, updates, esports coverage, guides, leaks and more

Featured image courtesy of Activision Blizzard.