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COD Mobile SMG Tier List - Best Submachine Guns In Season 8

Find the best weapon to run and gun with using our full tier list of the best Submachine guns to use in COD Mobile season 8.
COD Mobile SMG Tier List - Best Submachine Guns In Season 8

For the run and gunners among us heading into Call of Duty Mobile's eighth season, dubbed "Train to Nowhere", you may be curious as to which SMG (Submachine gun) is the best pick for this season. With the various nerfs and buffs made in the new season update, this can be a tough decision to make, but luckily not an impossible one.

Thanks to our tier list that ranks every SMG available in Call of Duty Mobile Season 8, you'll be able to choose the best submachine guns for your loadout as you head into season 8. So without further delay, let's jump right in. 

COD Mobile SMG Tier List - Best Submachine Guns in Season 8

Submachine guns in Call of Duty Mobile are widely popular among many players, as they provide powerful short-range damage and control, and in some cases even have long-range capabilities that can give Assault Rifles a run for their money. With Season 8, we see some weapons receiving some buffs, and our tiered list will reflect these adjustments as they affect the meta. 

COD Mobile SMG Tier List Best Submachine Guns in Season 8 new buffs according to meta
Season 8 sees buffs and nerfs that could change the meta for some SMGs but the top tier remains unchanged. (Picture: Activision)

Below you can find our tier rank description that we use to rank all our submachine guns from best to worst. These try to represent the current meta of the game as accurately as humanly possible, though as the season progresses we will update our listings accordingly. 

Tier rank description: 

S-Tier: The most well-liked weapons are typically found in this tier, and for good reason. Most competitive players will stick with these selections until something better comes along. They are almost faultless.

A-Tier: The submachine guns that fall into this category are quite powerful, so much so that they can blur the lines between them and the S-tier. However, in a fight between two equal players, the S-tier weapons will have an advantage in reliability and strength.

B-Tier: This is where the submachine guns in the middle tier are located. These could still be considered useful, but the proper attachments are unquestionably required. Expect to lose a few unbalanced battles.

C-Tier: At this level, the quality of your weapons begins to decline. Although they can be helpful, attachments are mainly for amusement. They can pull off some fantastic plays in close quarters, but they will lose a lot of battles. The issues are usually high TTK and wide bullet spread.

D-Tier: You should stay away from any weapon in this group. They aren't competitive, and since they have little power, they are typically not enjoyable either. If that's your thing, though, they can be great for loadout experiments and variety.

S-Tier submachine guns in COD Mobile Season 8

COD Mobile SMG Tier List Best Submachine Guns in Season 8 MSMC still top tier weapon
The MSMC is still one of the best SMGs in Season 8. (Picture: Activision)
  • MSMC

  • QQ9

  • PP19 Bizon

  • QXR

A-Tier submachine guns in COD Mobile Season 8

Both the PPSh-41 and HG 40 have received slight buffs this season. Though not enough to push them up into S-tier, they are worth giving a shot this season, and as the meta changes, they may find their way into the top tier. 

  • PPSh-41 

  • RUS-79U

  • CBR4

  • Switchblade X9

  • Fennec 

  • KSP 45

  • HG 40 

  • AGR 556

B-Tier submachine guns in COD Mobile Season 8

COD Mobile SMG Tier List Best Submachine Guns in Season 8 GKS received buff but meta will have to wait and see
The GKS has received a buff this season but we will have to wait and see how the meta changes surrounding this weapon. (Picture: Activision)

This season sees the GKS and MX9 getting some solid buffs, but nothing noteworthy enough to have them move to higher tiers as their performance was already quite lackluster. 

  • MAC-10

  • GKS 

  • MX9

  • Cordite

  • Razorback

C-Tier submachine guns in COD Mobile Season 8

The Pharo has received a buff this season, with a reduction in recoil and an increase in range. But since it's still a burst SMG with no accuracy changes, it will remain in the C-tier for this season. 

  • Pharo 

D-Tier submachine guns in COD Mobile Season 8

The Chicom has received a slight buff this season with its damage multiplier being increased, but it's nowhere near enough to justify a move to a higher tier in this new season. 

  • PDW-57 

  • Chicom 

And that's all. For more exciting game content, check out our section dedicated to the latest Call of Duty Mobile news, tips, guides, and more.  


Featured image courtesy of Activision.