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COD Mobile Season 8 Meta Weapon Tier List - Best Guns

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 "Train to Nowhere" was released on 7th September. This weapon tier list details the best guns to use in your matches.
COD Mobile Season 8 Meta Weapon Tier List - Best Guns

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 8 is no different regarding busted guns riding the game’s meta. Last season, players used and abused weapons like the Man O’ War, Oden, and Locus in their matches, and now the meta has shifted. Although some shadow buffs and nerfs have not been announced in COD Mobile’s patch notes, weapons like the SKS and KSP-45 remain strong contenders.

COD Mobile Season 8: Train to Nowhere dropped on 7th September 2022, and players have tested all the new adjustments and weapon balance changes. This guide details all the best guns you should be using across your matches, and if you don’t have them or the attachments, consider it the season’s goal to acquire them.

COD Mobile Season 8 Meta Weapons - Best Guns

call of duty mobile season 8 best meta weapons tier list
These are the best weapons to use in Call of Duty: Season 8 (2022). (Picture: Activision)

Let’s start with some honorable mentions. Despite being quite overpowered last season, the KSP-45 has been shadow nerfed and now requires two headshots to down an enemy. Nevertheless, if your aim is as good as your recoil control, it’s still an exceptional weapon, just not the best one at the moment.

Another gun that seems to down enemies quickly is the HG-40. Despite receiving plenty of nerfs in the past months, the weapon remains an SMG worth utilizing. Combined with its extremely fast fire rate and time to kill (TTK), the HG-40 does great across maps requiring players to fight in close quarters. 

Lastly, the ZRG 20mm is an absolute beast that makes any other sniper seem obsolete compared to it. The weapon excels across the radar, performing better than most snipers in the game. 

5. SKS

sks strong sniper cod mobile
The SKS remains one of the strongest snipers in COD Mobile.

The SKS has been in COD Mobile for a long time and remains one of the best weapons to use in long-range fights. Two taps to the body and the opposing enemy will fall.

Subsequently, the gun has no damage drop rate over distance regarding headshots. So, firing away across the map and hitting headshots will immediately kill the same way if you were a meter away from someone.

4. Kilo 141

kilo 141 rifle cod mobile
The Kilo 141 is an easy-to-use rifle in COD Mobile.

The Kilo 141 is another excellent weapon in COD Mobile Season 8. Although it’s not as relatively difficult to use as the SKS, it performs really well as an all-rounded assault rifle that some say is one of the best in the game. The Kilo 141’s TTK is pretty good, but it will require three headshots to get the lowest time, which requires more accuracy in using the gun. But, besides that, it’s a marvelous weapon.

3. QQ9

QQ9 easy close range fights
The QQ9 is reasonably easy to handle and will obliterate enemies in close-range fights in COD Mobile.

The QQ9 is an extremely strong SMG in COD Mobile Season 8. The weapon obliterates opponents in close-range fights and has a great TTK rate. You’ll find the QQ9 reasonably easy to handle, and the fire rate and damage will melt through enemies like a hot knife on butter. The only reason the gun is not ranked higher is that some of these other great choices are just a little better.

2. Peacekeeper MK2

peacemaker long short range fights cod mobile
The Peacemaker is a flexible gun for long and short-ranged fights in COD Mobile Season 8.

As one of the best rifles in COD Mobile right now, the Peacekeeper is exceptional. Compared to the Kilo 141, the Peacekeeper is more adjustable and can be built in various ways. So whether you enjoy long-range combat or sliding your way into short-range crossfires, the Peacekeeper can suit all your needs. The weapon has a great fire rate, TTK, and range of attachments. The Peacekeeper isn’t the easiest to use, but once you’ve mastered it, there’s no doubt you’ll own the lobby with this beast of a gun.

1. Switchblade X9

switchblade x9 best gun cod mobile season 8
The Switchblade X9 is the best gun in COD Mobile Season 8.

At the top of our list is the Switchblade X9. Despite being alright to use last season, the weapon has received relatively large buffs putting it slightly ahead of the Peacekeeper. The gun has the best fire rate, recoil, TTK, damage output, and least damage drop-off compared to the QQ9. Overall, it’s got everything across the bar and holds little to no caveats. However, the Switchblade X9 is an absolute wreaker of havoc if you’re quick and accurate with your shots.

And that brings us to the end of our list. Please note that the COD Mobile meta changes with every implemented patch or slight update. However, these weapons should remain the strongest to use across matches until the next significant update hitting COD Mobile.

We want to thank Bobby Plays on YouTube for providing an in-depth preview of the changes affecting COD Mobile Season 8’s meta. Please check out his content on his channel, and feel free to watch his entire video above.

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All featured images are courtesy of Activision.