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COD Mobile Undead Fog: Release date and what to expect

There's a new COD Mobile game mode called Undead Fog coming to the game soon. Here's what we know so far.
COD Mobile Undead Fog: Release date and what to expect

The COD Mobile Halloween events are in full swing for Season 11, with the Halloween Standoff map, as well as the Pumpkin Confirmed mode for players to enjoy. However, there's one more event for COD Mobile players to look forward to, in the form of the Undead Fox game mode. Here's what we know so far, including the release date and what you can expect to find.

COD Mobile Undead Fog release date

First up, the COD Mobile Undead Fog release date is set for 30th October 2020 as confirmed by Activision, just in time for Halloween. 

No exact start time for the Undead Fog game mode in COD Mobile has been confirmed.

COD Mobile Undead Fog release date zombies
(Picture: Activision)


You will be able to play the mode for one week, as it ends on 5th November.

Undead Fog game mode: What to expect

Activision has been tight-lipped on the details for the upcoming COD Mobile Undead Fog game mode.

Judging by the trailer for the Halloween events below, you can see zombies roaming throughout Alcatraz. In Undead Fog, the Battle Royale gas should be replaced with an eerie, creeping fog, filled with Zombies.

COD Mobile players can also expect some rewards for playing the Undead Fog game mode. It appears the zombies will need to be killed, or possibly avoided to get some "treat-filled mystery boxes".

A description of Undead Fog reads: "The fog shrouds something sinister in Battle Royale. The undead emerge with some treat filled mystery boxes."

It remains to be seen which rewards players will get for playing the upcoming game mode, and what exactly it will entail. It does, however, sounds very much like a Zombie Royale mode for COD Mobile with the information available thus far.