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COD Mobile update: Halloween events, patch notes, rewards and more

A new COD Mobile update has arrived, bringing the Halloween events such as Pumpkin Confirmed and more to the game.
COD Mobile update: Halloween events, patch notes, rewards and more

Activision has released a new Call of Duty: Mobile update, bringing all the Halloween events to the mobile sensation. The COD Mobile patch notes bring balance changes, rewards, and Halloween events to the game, including Pumpkin Confirmed, and Attack of the Undead. Then, there's also the Halloween Standoff map. Here's what you need to know about the latest COD Mobile update.

COD Mobile Halloween event list

First up, most of the COD Mobile Halloween events are now live (23rd October), while Attack of the Undead is coming a bit later. 

There's a whole lot of content to enjoy thanks to this COD Mobile update.

Cod mobile update patch notes halloween events rewards changes
(Picture: Activision)


Check out the event list from Activision below.

  • 10/23 ~ Elite Marksmen Seasonal Challenge

    • Grab the first-ever explosive sniper rifle, the NA-45

  • 10/23 – 11/01 ~ Pumpkin Confirmed Event & Playlist (MP)

  • 10/23 – 11/01 ~ Halloween Standoff Playlist (MP)

  • 10/23 – 10/29 ~ King’s Quarters Event (MP)

    • New map, new rewards, and more competitive combat

  • 10/23 – 10/29 ~ King 24/7 Playlist (MP)

  • 10/26 – 11/01 ~ Attack of the Undead Playlist (MP)

As you can see, there's a whole lot of content released with the latest COD Mobile update, including a new weapon.

New COD Mobile weapon

The new COD Mobile weapon arriving in the latest update is the game's first primary weapon which can deal area damage.

It is called the NA-45 Sniper Rifle, which boasts explosive rounds.

Every other shot you fire triggers explosive damage that can hit multiple players. To balance this powerful ability, the overall damage of a single shot is lower than other snipers but headshots can still take down an enemy in one hit.

Halloween Standoff

This original Halloween map from back in October of 2019 is returning and available on a variety of different Multiplayer modes.

COD Mobile update patch notes halloween events new weapon map
(Picture: Activision)


You can explore the frightening but also delightfully decorated streets of Halloween Standoff in the modes TDM, DOM, Hardpoint, KC, Attack of the Undead, and Cranked.

Pumpkin Confirmed & Rewards

One thing that we’ve heard time and time again across 2020 is why don’t we just turn the dog tags in Kill Confirmed into Pumpkins? Okay, maybe that was just us thinking of fun ways to adjust some beloved modes, like Kill Confirmed, for Halloween.

(Picture: Activision)


This is a variant of Kill Confirmed is both a playlist and a featured event! It will be available on a variety of maps listed below, but surprise…it is also 10v10 Kill Confirmed! Now you can combine your love of 10v10 mode with the Halloween theme and Kill Confirmed.

Rewards include:

  • (Epic) Charm - Pumpkin Smile

  • (Rare) Weapon - DL Q33 - Jack O' Lantern

  • (Rare) Weapon - MSMC - Jack O' Lantern

  • (Rare) Sticker – Deadlocks

Attack of the Undead

We have seen many requests for Attack of the Undead to return around Halloween and we hope you can imagine how hard it was not to blurt out “don’t worry, it is on the way!”.

(Picture: Activision)


There are no specific events tied to this one but is available in both the Halloween Standoff Playlist and its own Attack of the Undead Playlist. Enjoy it and we hope it feels perfect for the Halloween season!

New King map & rewards

This small and balanced map is available only for Gunfight and 1v1 Duel. It is designed for those tense, precise, and sweat-inducing modes that many love. 

COD Mobile update patch notes halloween events new map weapon
(Picture: Activision)


COD Mobile patch notes

Activision has squashed a tonne of bugs with the latest COD Mobile update, and also made some balance changes. 

Check out the COD Mobile patch notes below.


  • NA-45: Damage reduced

  • DLQ33: Reload speed increased

  • HG40: Firing range reduced, damage at medium range reduced, and other adjustments

Battle Royale

  • NA-45: Damage reduced and bullet velocity reduced

  • Purifier: Damage enhanced slightly, players can now cancel Reload animation

  • Tempest: Damage and damage radius enhanced slightly, weapon fire charging time decreased


  • Attachments for shotguns

    • Sawed-Off Barrel (-2): Negative effect of reducing firing range has been mitigate

    • Extended Barrel (+2): Active effect of enhancing firing range has been weakened

  • Attachments for the NA-45

    • High Explosive Ammo: The explosion range of the ammo -10%

  • Attachments for the Fennec

    • Extended Mag: clip size extended