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Former XSET COD Mobile player, Henry, reportedly dead

Esports organisation XSET shared the sad news of the passing of their former COD Mobile player Henry.
Henry, a former COD Mobile professional player for XSET, has reportedly passed away, the organisation broke the news today.

Henry had been representing the org in 2020, and according to a number of professional COD Mobile players from the NA region, he was a force to be reckoned with.

"Great competitor in champs. Taken too early," wrote BoLu, Tribe Gaming's team captain, while New York Subliners' COD Mobile coach 73Zimalone added: "A force in the NA Championship last year. A key component to their success, this fuckin blows."

Former XSET COD Mobile player, Henry, reportedly dead
(Picture: Henry)

With Henry as a part of the roster, XSET ended up second at the COD Mobile World Championship 2020 NA Final, losing only to Tribe Gaming in the finals.

While XSET shared the sad news today, on 12th July, it seems that Henry passed away sometime in June, as his friends have been writing farewell messages on his Instagram account as early as 23rd June.

At the time of writing, the cause of death hasn't been revealed to the public.