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How to unlock Swordfish AR in COD Mobile and base stats

Here's a step-by-step guide to unlocking the new COD Mobile assault rifle named the Swordfish released with the Season 9 update.
How to unlock Swordfish AR in COD Mobile and base stats

There's a whole lot of love about the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9, entitled "Nightmare", from a shiny new battle pass to new, Halloween-themed content, gameplay adjustments, Standoff, a new Sawmill map and much, much more. For some players, however, the most important aspect of each season is the new functional weapon(s) that get released. For COD Mobile Season 9, we've got the Swordfish assault rifle (AR), and players will want to unlock this powerful new weapon as soon as possible.

In this step-by-step guide, we explain exactly how you can unlock the Swordfish in COD Mobile, and showcase the weapon's base stats in the process.

How to unlock Swordfish in COD Mobile

The Swordfish is the 20th assault rifle in COD Mobile, coming in as the latest functional weapon. It is a burst-fire, long-range AR equipped with "long sword bullets".

how to unlock swordfish assault rifle ar cod mobile season 9 battle pass
The COD Mobile Season 9 battle pass is filled with goodies, including the Swordfish! (Picture: Activision)

To unlock the Swordfish in COD Mobile Season 9, all you need to do is level your Battle Pass up to tier 21. It is important to note this is in the free tiers of the Battle Pass, so you don't have to purchase a Premium Bundle. 

You can also purchase the Premium Battle Pass 12-Tier Bundle, which will set you back 520 CP, putting you only nine (9) levels away from unlocking the Swordfish AR.

Swordfish AR stats & gameplay in COD Mobile

While the Swordfish's damage is low, it has high accuracy, range and thanks to its burst fire, a very high firing rate. It could just be the perfect weapon for long-range engagements if you don't prefer a sniper rifle.

how to unlock swordfish assault rifle ar cod mobile season 9 battle pass
The Swordfish AR is set to become one of the best new guns. (Picture: Activision)

The Swordfish's functionality and overview is described in the patch notes as:

  • Four shot rifle, long range, low damage attenuation, with one-round lethal ability, and can adapt to full-range combat.
  • Equipped with long sword bullets, four rounds can be replaced with five rounds, recoil and bullet emission are greatly reduced, but one round of lethal ability is more demanding.

We will update this article once the official stats for the Swordfish become available. The video below does showcase some stats but those are with attachments and not in English.

You can check out some gameplay of the Swordfish AR, noting its high accuracy and range thanks to the video below via MURDABLAST YT.

So there you have it, the way to unlock the Swordfish assault rifle in COD Mobile Season 9, and the new gun's base stats. It will be interesting to see how the Swordfish holds up against the rest of the ARs throughout the season.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.