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MW's Shoot House will be soon be in COD: Mobile

The iconic map is now available for in the public test build.
MW's Shoot House will be soon be in COD: Mobile

Today, Activision has released a new compilation of the public test build of Call of Duty: Mobile, the acclaimed mobile version of its famous shooter franchise.

Along with some minor gameplay changes, the next release of a new map for the game has been made official, making its return from the 2019 Modern Warfare remaster: Shoot House.

Shoot House Cod mobile
(Picture: Activision Blizzard)

Shoot House is one of the most iconic maps in Modern Warfare, being located in a desert region, in a secret location within Urzikstan.

This map will allow players to have frenetic confrontations as it is relatively small, with small corridors and a structure similar to that of many maps of this size, with three lines of attack.

Shooting house cod mobile map
(Picture: Activision Blizzard)

The new map is expected to be launched in the main version during the month of March in Season 2, or in April during Season 3.

However, all those who want to get their hands on it can already try it by downloading the public test build available for Android and iOS.