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Official COD Mobile Season 12 patch notes reveal new content, fixes and more

The official patch notes for COD Mobile Season 12 is here, featuring new content, multiplayer improvement, fixes and more.
Official COD Mobile Season 12 patch notes reveal new content, fixes and more

We've seen a tonne of leaks, and teasers, for COD Mobile Season 12 so far. The big update is scheduled to release on 10th November 2020, with an exact time not yet confirmed. Now, the Garena COD Mobile page has revealed the official COD Mobile Season Season 12 patch notes, including new content, modes, improvements and fixes. 

COD Mobile Season 12 Patch Notes

While this is likely not the full patch notes for COD Mobile Season 12, it is from the official Garena COD Mobile website. 

The COD Mobile Season 12 patch notes include multiplayer fixes, some Battle Pass content, a new random Annihilation Night Battle Mode, and more

COD Mobile Season 12 patch notes official rewards content battle pass fixes
(Picture: Activision)


Check out the COD Mobile Season 12 patch notes below.

New Battle Pass theme

  • The new Battle Pass “Dark Night is Coming” will be released on November 11!


  • New epic characters and epic blueprint weapons, stay tuned!

Premium (BP Plus)

  • “Claw Knife-Night Action”.
  • “Headshot-Operation Destruction”.
  • “Portrait Frame-Penetrating Luminous”.
  • “Strap-Q version of Van Liken”.

Free rewards Free

  • New prototype SMG: “AGR 556”-a fully automatic SMG with a high rate of fire and suitable for mid-range combat. Unlock 5.56 ammo and experience its true power.
  • New ultimate skill: “Bulletproof Shield”-a long-lasting defensive shield that can be changed and has a built-in automatic pistol.

Season mission rewards

  • Brand-new prototype pistol: “. 50 GS”-a pistol with high destructiveness and low stability.
  • New Survival Chip: “Modified Chip”-Gives the team armour packs, which can increase the bulletproof ability after being picked up by the teammates, and can improve and repair the durability of their body armour and vehicles.

Multiplayer update

  • New Random Annihilation-Night Battle Mode
  • Put on night vision goggles, annihilate the enemy in the dark, and try to survive in the dark world!
  • Applicable maps: “Crash Landing”, “Above the Peak”, “Hackney Warehouse”.
  • New Attack of the Dead-Night Battle Mode
  • Midnight is the time for the dead. How can the living survive till dawn when the sun sets behind?
  • Applicable maps: “Crash Landing”, “Above the Peak”, “Hackney Warehouse”.

New multiplayer map: Hackney Warehouse

A classic map from “The Final Moment: Modern Warfare”. A filthy, dirty, abandoned industrial park. Please be prepared for a fierce confrontation with the enemy between warehouses, containers and buildings.

COD Mobile Season 12 patch notes
(Picture: Activision)


Applicable modes: “Random Annihilation”, “Classic Demolition”, “Multi-point Occupation”, “Struggle for Stronghold”, “Random Annihilation-Night Battle Mode”, “Dead Attack-Night Battle Mode”, etc.

Added weapon accessories

  • DR-H’s “Hollow Ammunition Accessories”: Increase magazine capacity and reduce mobility.
  • Kilo Bolt-Action’s “Thermal Bomb”: Continuously burns the target, and will cause extra damage to the combo skills.

Multiplayer mode adjustments

  • Improve the accuracy of bullet scattering when Cordite is opened.
  • Improve Razorback’s recoil stability, reduce horizontal recoil, and increase mid-range damage range.
  • Improve the trajectory stability of Fennec’s continuous shooting, reduce the horizontal recoil, and slightly increase the upper limit of recoil.
  • Increase the damage of AK117 to the upper body, and strengthen the mid-range combat ability.
  • Optimize the trajectory of BK57 and improve stability.
  • Reduced the range and ballistic density of KRM 262.
  • Reduce the damage distance of BY15.
  • Reduce the damage distance of Echo.
  • Reduce the duration of Shadow Blade, and increase the energy required for use.
  • Reduce the duration of the deformation shield and increase the energy required for use.
  • Throwing weapon damage will cause additional damage to the deformation shield, and the electromagnetic pulse can directly destroy the deformation shield.
  • Slightly reduced the effect duration of the shock bomb.


  • Added “Classic Annihilation Mode” into the ranked match mechanism.
  • Increase the points for winning in the “Strategy for Stronghold Mode” and “Multipoint Conquest Mode”.

There you have it, all the official details from the COD Mobile Season 12 patch notes.