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COD Mobile Season 2 (2023) Patch Notes: New Map, Weapon, Events, More

The complete patch notes for Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 (2023) are here, giving us details about all the new content and updates coming to the game.
COD Mobile Season 2 (2023) Patch Notes: New Map, Weapon, Events, More

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 (2023) update is set to release on February 22 at 4 PM PT and will be called Heavy Metal. It will be a post-apocalyptic-themed update and will bring a new map, mode, events, and more, along with operator skins and BR class as well.

Along with this, a brand new battle pass will also be available, offering players both free and premium rewards. While Activision has not revealed the patch notes for COD Mobile Season 2 (2023) officially, we have listed all the information we have based on the leaks and official sources below.

Note: The patch notes below are translated from some other language using Google Translate, so there maybe some errors in it. We will update this page once COD Mobile Season 2 patch notes are out in English.

COD Mobile Season 2 (2023) Patch Notes

The new Battle Pass "Heavy Metal" is scheduled to debut on February 22 at 4 PM PT!

  • Maddox rifle from the classic series join the battlefield! High maneuverability with a good rate of fire, and a new accessory echo fire module for a different experience!
  • This wasteland-style map Diesel Station is coming soon, and warriors get ready for fierce battles around gas stations!

Multiplayer Mode

New multiplayer map and mode in COD Mobile Season 2.
New multiplayer map and mode in COD Mobile Season 2. (Picture: Activision)

New Multiplayer Map - Diesel

  • The classic map "Diesel" is coming, in this simple map, the frequency of firefighting will be very high, and the soldiers must fight 120,000 points of spirit!

New Multiplayer Mode Variant - Chaos Control

  • On the basis of controlling the gameplay, the resurrection limit has been removed, and the fighters are rushing!

New Multiplayer Mode - Goliath Clash

  • The first multiplayer third-person view mode is here! 5v5 Mecha Battle, players equip mechs that can evolve, use skills and characteristics, and complete the confrontation!
  • There are three points to capture in the map, and the one who reaches the specified score wins.
  • Picking up batteries on the ground, kills, and assists accumulates your progress.
  • When full of energy, you can evolve mechs, which cannot be changed after selection, and there are three options:
Mecha category
Basic mech Use a machine gun, have acceleration skills, and cannot return blood.
Evolve the mech class Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3 Upgrade 4
Doom Shooter (Silver) - Enhanced machine gun fire and accuracy
- Has the Morphing Shield skill
Damage boost Health cap boost Cooling tank growth
Predator (Blue) - Axe attack with melee weapon
- Possesses the Slide Move

Speed boost

Melee damage boosted Kill reset cooldown
Hellfire ( Red) - Use the flamethrower
- Has the Blood Replenishment skill
Health cap boost Reduce damage taken The range of flamethrowers expanded

New Perk - Unit Support

  • The ultimate skill charge brought by teammates destroying enemies will have 20% effect on their own ultimate skill charge, and destroying enemies will reduce the ultimate skill charge by 60%. When in a stronghold, destroying enemies will earn an additional 10% of the killing streak skill score (only affects the skill charging speed, not the performance score, and the charge speed is adjusted according to the maximum number of opponents). 
New weapon in COD Mobile Season 2.
New weapon in COD Mobile Season 2. (Picture: Activision)

Weapon Updates

  • New Assault Rifle - Maddox: Highly mobile assault rifle with a good rate of fire and a special echo fire module.
  • New Attachment - Grenade Launcher: Equip the Underbarrel Grenade Launcher to the M4 for an explosive alternate attack that’s perfect for dislodging enemy groups and clearing objective points.
  • Quality Optimization - Gun Strike Optimization: Man-O-War, Peacekeeper MK2, KN-44, RPD, PP19 Bizon
    • Firearms High Quality Audio Optimization: KSP 45, .50 GS, AS VAL

Balance adjustment

Multiplayer / Battle Royale Mode


  • Increased lens lifting speed
  • Smoother initial recoil


  • Lowered uplift: Reduced shot shot dispersion
  • Smoother changes in early recoil


  • Improved base reload speed
  • Reduced base lift time

ICR-1 The ICR-1 

  • Increased range
  • The recoil mutation of the third bullet is reduced


  • Last damage boost (Battle Royale mode)
  • [27.4 Ranger Heavy Barrel]
    • Reduced buff effect that increases bullet speed
    • Reduced mobility penalty
    • Reduces the negative effect of the Lifting Time penalty
  • [40-round expansion magazine]
    • Lift the camera speed penalty is reduced


  • Overall damage reduction
  • Automatic shooting accessories
    • Added negative stat: increased lift by hit
    • Added a small recoil change in fully automatic mode

Krig 6

  • Increased base lift time
  • Reduced range
  • [Expansion Magazine/Quick Expansion Magazine/Quick Expansion Magazine B]: Reduced movement speed


  • Range boost

Dingo Dingo

  • Increased range - Survival Mode damage boost
  • Fixed Survival Mode mobility anomaly


  • Smoother recoil


  • Increased range - Improved base reload speed
  • Increased capacity of large expanded magazines
  • Reduced recoil for the first 4 rounds


  • Arm damage multiplier increased


  • Reduced horizontal recoil


  • Bullet flight speed increased
  • Increased range


  • Increased reload time
  • [YKM Light Stock]
    • Reduced lift movement speed


  • Increased dispersion of mirror-lifting bullets
  • Increased dispersion of waist bullets

The JAK-12

  • Increased dispersion of waist bullets
  • Reduced damage

The Echo Echo's

  • An increase in the number of shrapnel

Multiplayer Mode

EM3 Ballista

  • Reduced duration
  • Reduced ammunition volume

Shadow Blade

  • Increases usage time

Aerial Gunboat

  • Reduces the amplitude of lens vibration when firing

Helicopter Gunner

  • Reduces the magnitude of lens vibration when firing

Sticky Grenade

  • Explosion maximum damage increased

Freeze Bombs

  • A small increase in the range of influence

C4 Explosive

  • Small increase in explosion maximum damage

Battle Royale Mode

DL Q33

  • Maevewater Seiko Magazine (Shock Magazine)
  • Initial bullet flight speed reduced
  • Control time shortened


  • Increased energy consumption when turned on

Medical Chip

  • Recovery speed increase - Health regeneration per second increased
  • Armor regeneration increase per second

Jet Chip

  • Shorter charging time

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an AK-47 damage and range performance bug in Survival mode when equipped with a 5.45 caliber bullet magazine.
  • 5.45mm magazine damage adjustment.

Melee Stockstock

  • Fixed some melee stocks' Lens Movement Speed bonus not displaying the bonus description correctly (it still works).