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How To Get Stim Shot In COD Mobile Season 1 (2023)

In this guide, we'll show you how to get the Stim Shot in Call of Duty Mobile Season 1.
How To Get Stim Shot In COD Mobile Season 1 (2023)

There are various healing options available for players to use when taking damage in COD Mobile, and one of them is the Stim Shot, which will be present in the first season of COD Mobile in 2023. But how do you get the Stim Shot, and how does it work in the game?

Well, in this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about the Stim Shot, including how to get it in COD Mobile Season 1 and how it can help you out of a tight gunfight when playing the game. 

How To Get Stim Shot In COD Mobile Season 1 (2023)

Stim shots are a staple in various Call of Duty titles, from Black Ops 4 to Modern Warfare II, and seeing them featured in COD mobile this season is a treat, as they allow for quick and easy access to health regeneration and a speed boost. In the latest season of COD mobile (Season 1 in 2023), players can get the Stim Shot once they reach Tier 14. 

How To Get Stim Shot Reaching Tier 14 in Tactical Equipment
Players can unlock the Stim Shot as a part of their Tactical Equipment once they reach Tier 14. (Picture: YouTube / Samurai Cyber Gaming)

So let's look at what it does in COD Mobile; the Stim Shot's description states that it "Increases health regen and movement speed for a short duration." The Stim Shot falls part of your Tactical Equipment, so once it's unlocked, that's where you'll find it in your loadout. 

Many of you may be asking why you'd choose a Stim Shot over other Tactical equipment options in the game or use them instead of Medkits. Simply put, the Stim Shot is more easily accessible, has a shorter cooldown time, and offers you more useful benefits than just healing you up. 

How To Get Stim Shot and Uses in game for quick healing and movement speed boost
The Stim Shot gives you faster healing and a movement speed boost for helping you out in tough situations. (Picture: YouTube / Samurai Cyber Gaming)

The Stim Shot offers a quick boost of movement speed and health regeneration with a fairly short animation, making it ideal for those heated moments during battle when you either need to overwhelm your opponents or get out of the line of fire quickly. It's also useful regardless of whether you are attacking or holding down a point since you can easily outmaneuver your opponents or simply outlast them as you get a decent amount of health returned to you. 

So, all in all, the Stim Shot is definitely worth the slot it takes up in your Tactical Equipment, especially when ranking up in COD mobile, as it can easily carry you through tougher figures as you make your way up the ranks during Season 1. So be sure to check back here soon for more details on all the latest COD Mobile equipment, including the Stim Shot and many more.