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How To Get Underbarrel Grenade Launcher In COD Mobile

M4 has got its new signature attachment, Underbarrel Grenade Launcher, in COD Mobile Season 2.
How To Get Underbarrel Grenade Launcher In COD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 has brough a brand new attachment called Underbarrel Grenade Launcher which is a signature attachment for M4 that will initiate an explosive alternate attack that’s "perfect for dislodging enemy groups and clearing objective points."

The in-game description of the Underbarrel Grenade Launcher describes it as a "single-shot launcher that may turn the tide of battle." If you want this attachment in your COD Mobile account, here is how you can unlock it.

COD Mobile Underbarrel Grenade Launcher: How to Unlock

COD Mobile Underbarrel Grenade Launcher.
COD Mobile Underbarrel Grenade Launcher. (Picture: Activision/Rabia)

Underbarrel Grenade Launcher attachment is a reward for Too Attached event in COD Mobile Season 2, and in order to unlock it, you will have to complete all the tasks given to you in the event. We have listed all of them below:

  • Kill 15 enemies with any Assault Rifle equipped with 2 attachments in MP matches: 200 Credits and 1000 Battle Pass XP 
  • Use Frag Grenades 10 times in MP matches: 20 Manta Ray - Aquatic Adventure Shards and 1000 Battle Pass XP
  • Win a MP match with an Assault Rifle equipped (Must be equipped in hand at the end of the match): Restful Spirit and 2000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 5 enemies while prone using the M4 Assault Rifle in MP matches: GKS - Wretched Dawn and 2000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 5 enemies with the M4 Assault Rifle using Hipfire in MP matches: Underbarrel Launcher and 2000 Battle Pass XP.

Once unlocked, you will be able to equip it by going into the Loadout section and selecting Grenade Launcher as the Underbarrel attachment.