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CS2 vs CS:GO: All differences explained

Come and check out the differences between CS2 and CS:GO!
CS2 vs CS:GO: All differences explained

Counter-Strike Global Offensive was iconically released on the 21st of August 2012, when players around the world were able to get their hands on the game for the first time. Experiencing Counter-Stike Global Offensive in the early days was legendary, getting to play the original and legendary maps such as Italy and the pre-updated version of Inferno was an experience never to be forgotten. However, over a decade, players' desire for change continued to grow. 

After eleven years of similarity and success within Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Valve decided to release the new and renowned Counter-Strike 2. Alongside the new version of Counter-Strike are plenty of in-game changes, such as map, weapon, visual, settings, gameplay, and customization updates. Today, we're here to specify and outline the most important changes between Counter-Strike Global Offensive and the new Counter-Strike 2!

6516eb7b13749-inferno cs2.jpeg

Overhauled and Upgraded Maps

Every map within the current Counter-Strike casual and competitive map pool will be receiving a complete visual overhaul within Counter-Strike 2, changing the way the map appears and overall functions. This has plenty of positive and negative effects to take into account, such as, the maps are no longer boring and smoke lineups have been destroyed. The map upgrades overall have landed incredibly well within the community, making Counter-Strike feel new once again and allowing players to experience fresh gameplay scenarios. 

Counter-Strike 2 maps haven't received game-breaking updates that require you to re-learn masses of information, the maps have simply had a visual overhaul with a few minor changes to gameplay and the map mechanics; changing very little about the map's functionality. 

Utility Changes 

Valve has expressed the huge effort they have implemented into adapting and changing the functionality of utility, making smokes, Molotovs, grenades, and flash bags more realistic and modern. The reasoning behind this was to modernize the feel of Counter-Strike and implement general change, forcing players to explore new strategies when using utility around maps. 

Server Updates and Community Maps 

Valve understands that the Counter-Strike community is the most sacred and vital part of the success of the game, following the large majority of fan requests in recent updates. Fortunately, Valve's respect for fans has been reciprocated in Counter-Strike 2, with the developers upgrading tools to help make community map-making easier by implementing new features for map makers to experience and test for future community maps.

Many have complained and blamed their matchmaking failures on 64-tick servers, but no longer will players have this excuse! Valve has finally released sub-tick server architecture for Counter-Strike 2 matchmaking servers, allowing players to experience more flowing gameplay. This will allow players to no longer experience issues with using utility, poor movement, and issues with killing moving enemies. 

Visual and Audio Upgrades 

Players can now expect greater visual and audio upgrades compared to Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Valve upgrading the mechanics of water, general view distance on bullet impacts and impact effects (blood stains), and general utility visual changes. Additionally, Valve has made changes to the audio, stopping bugs and issues we experienced in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, such as issues in maps Nuke and Vertigo where players can't distinguish what floor the enemy is located on.