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Counter-Strike 2 Map Reworks Destroy Utility Line-ups

Come and check out the utility changes on Counter-Strike 2!
Counter-Strike 2 Map Reworks Destroy Utility Line-ups

Counter-Strike 2 has finally been released to the majority of players, offering them upgrades on skins, gameplay, and map reworks, being the first major overhaul for Counter-Strike since its release in 2013. However, players have overlooked the changes in gameplay and meta that comes alongside a refurbishment this large. With Valve reworking maps and changing the aesthetics and feel of maps, natural line-ups for utility have begun to disappear. Something we've taken for granted for so long - knowing and using utility lineups mindlessly, not realizing that an update could wipe away the knowledge we've obtained and overlooked for nearly a decade.

Following the broader release of Counter-Strike 2, competitive players have resided and depended on the greater knowledge of Reddit, seeking information on new line-ups for the utility to gain an advantage over their current clueless enemy. Utility for years has been relatively simple and untouched by Valve, having players use the same tactics and techniques to manipulate their equipment to disadvantage their enemies, however, this is simply not the case anymore! 


Counter-Strike 2: Utility Changes and Help 

Line-ups have simply been "displaced," not ruined. The map layouts haven't been particularly changed to prevent any utility line-ups from being used. However, it's the line-ups themselves that have been interrupted simply because the landmarks have changed. For example, lining up with the painting on the wall of Inferno is now impossible because the image has changed, making the line-up still available but forcing the player to learn the new method of hitting the smoke. 

This leads players to the question, "How can I learn new Line-ups?" which is answered:

  • YouTube is a viable option for "updated CS2 utility line-ups Inferno, Dust2"
  • Discussions on Reddit 
  • Watching Pros play the maps on Twitch/YouTube 
  • Heading into a private match and figuring it out alone 

Players are going to remain in a state of confusion whilst they're warming up the Counter-Strike 2. Although the game remains the same, the feeling is completely different from Global Offensive, essentially being a completely new game. It's now going to be the golden era for YouTubers to create guides and explanations on "how-to" for Counter-Strike 2 due to the mass confusion more competitive players are feeling towards the new maps, especially following the close release of all the additional maps we love that are also receiving mass updates.