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PSA: Don't Use AMD's Anti-Lag in CS2 To Avoid Risk of VAC Ban

A warning has been issued to those with AMD Radeon graphics cards to not use the Anti-Lag+ feature in CS2, as it could get you banned.
PSA: Don't Use AMD's Anti-Lag in CS2 To Avoid Risk of VAC Ban

Attention, all Counter-Strike 2 players who happen to have an AMD Radeon graphics card. Do not, we repeat, do not utilize AMD's Anti-Lag+ tech! 

Take this as a public service announcement: Using AMD's Anti-Lag+ tech (which is like NVIDIA's Reflex) can result in a Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) ban slap, and some gamers have already paid the price.

Warning Issued Over CS2 & Anti-Lag+

Counter-Strike 2 CS2 anti-lag vac bans
The true monster is false VAC bans...(Picture: Valve)

AMD recently made its Anti-Lag+ low-latency feature available for Counter-Strike 2, but in an odd turn of events, Valve's VAC system picks it up as cheating since it tampers with the game's code.

The official Counter-Strike 2 Twitter (X) account issued a warning recently, which you can see below.

The red team has since rolled back the (23.10.1) AMD driver, and at the very least, Valve will be reversing the VAC ban on those affected.

If you are unsure if you could be affected and get slapped with a VAC ban, check your driver version, and use the Alt+L hotkey combo to disable Anti-Lag+, then head into the AMD Radeon Software and check if this low-latency feature is actually disabled.

Hopefully, those who have been affected will get their VAC ban reversed quickly, as this was clearly not a user's fault.