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CS2 Best AWP Skins In Counter-Strike 2

Come and check out the best AWP skins in Counter-Strike 2.
CS2 Best AWP Skins In Counter-Strike 2

With the vast array of skins that Counter-Strike 2 boasts, especially with more on the horizon, many players are in disarray when deciding which skins to add to their inventories. This is due to the visual overhaul CS2 has provided, meaning skins look completely different from how they previously did in Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

While most of the player base has embraced and appreciated these changes, some have expressed disappointment and frustration, particularly when their prized possessions undergo a drastic aesthetic transformation. To assist you in navigating this new landscape, we've curated a few suggestions on Counter-Strike 2 AWP skins to consider for your inventory.

The AWP remains Counter-Strike's most iconic and influential weapon. Consequently, its skins often carry a heftier price tag. However, that doesn't mean you can't find affordable treasures. Some budget-friendly options are as compelling as iconic cosmetics like the AWP Dragon Lore.

Counter-Strike 2 Best AWP Skins: Black Nile


The AWP Black Nile is one of Valves' most underrated skins within Counter-Strike 2, simply because of the colorway. Skin enthusiasts go crazy for Black AWP skins due to their rarity within most skin patterns, such as the AWP Blackiimov (Asiimov wear effect) or AWP Safari Mesh in fully battle-scarred condition.

However, because Valve decided to make the Black Nile a blue-rated skin within cases (not rare), players don't seem to care. This is incredibly unfortunate due to the sleek and polished aesthetic the Black Nile has, working perfectly with any glove or inventory theme. The patterns on the AWP represent the aesthetic of contour lines, finished wood, or meandering river, hence the name Black Nile.

Fortunately, players have never had the opportunity to complete a full black inventory on a budget until recently, and the Black Nile is a contender for this theme. Additionally, this AWP is a contender for anyone's inventory; it's cheap, pleasing, and overall a great design. 

Counter-Strike 2 Best AWP Skins: Silk Tiger


We feel we must shine a light on the lost AWP skins of Counter-Strike. Similar to the Black Nile, we have the Silk Tiger, which again was lost in the sands of time. Apart from the Havoc collection released in December 2020, the Silk Tiger was beaten by its contender, the AWP Fade, with the Silk Tiger slowly dropping from everyone's radar and out of the minds of millions.

Overall, the Silk Tiger provides an excellent addition to anyone's inventory simply because nobody uses the skin. It's such an overlooked and "never-seen-before" rifle, with most recent players not even knowing what the Silk Tiger is anymore. 

The Silk Tiger is an operation skin, making the rifle a lot more expensive than the typical AWP skin that can unboxed in a case, making it incredibly rarer. Therefore, the AWP Silk Tiger is coming in hot at $340 in Factory-New condition, but it provides players with a fresh new experience that not many people obtain. 

Counter-Strike 2 Best AWP Skins: Hyper Beast 


The Hyper Beast is every old-school Counter-Strike player nostalgia rifle, being the first "rare" skin most players of the 2015 era obtained when skins were affordable. Every player should own the Hyper Beast once in their life due to the history and iconic nature behind the AWP skin.

The rifle always catches the player's eyes due to the bright red and contrasting navy blue, always popping out on the player's screen and being the spotlight of most Counter-Strike games. Players that purchase the Hyper Beast also have chances of obtaining rare(ish) stickers on their AWP due to the skins being over eight years old now.

Players can expect to spend around $25-100 depending on what condition they purchase the AWP, meaning it's very affordable for most players looking to extend their skin portfolio. It's not really advised that you purchase a specific wear of skin due to the skin not changing in aesthetic when in battle-scarred condition.