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CS2 Update Introduces New Buy Menu

Valve has decided to update Counter-Strike 2 with a new Buy Menu!
CS2 Update Introduces New Buy Menu

For generations, Counter-Strike players have been experiencing the hardship of purchasing incorrect items, whether it be a scout instead of an AK-47 or purchasing one too many nades. Brothers, sisters, and comrades, the bloodshed has finally come to an end with the implementation of being able to reverse your purchases during the buy period. 

During the buy period, we can purchase, sell, and rebuy items regaining our initial investment back. Allowing players who make the unfortunate mistake of purchasing the wrong item to redeem themselves, ultimately stopping mass mistakes in both casual settings and major settings. Additionally, the Buy Menu has received a complete makeover (finally), looking a lot crisp, cleaner, and more professional, in other words, modern. 

CS2 New Buy Menu

As seen in the video, the Buy Menu looks completely different and ambiguity on the menus function still arises. There is no sign of heavy weapons such as the Negev or shotguns other than the XM1014 within the video, however, we can see Rifles and "Mid-Tier" (submachine guns) bunched into the same menu location, as well as pistols, equipment, and grenades. 

The development of the Buy Menu has been significant over the last few years for CSGO's standard, but as seen the developers have decided to replicate Valorant's approach on the Buy Menu, having everything laid out in front of players rather than segregating each weapon category. Additionally, allowing players to resell their items when buying weapons by mistake, ultimately minimizing the room for error within teams. 

Whereas this development is ideal for the average player, the original Buy Menu used to be unforgiving, forcing players to make the correct decision and be careful with their purchases, adding more of a tactical vibe. That feeling has now disintegrated, players can carelessly roam the Buy Menu without consequence or thought, whereas the previous Counter-Strike Global Offensive punished those for their foolishness.