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ESL Troll CSGO Fans With Fake CS2 Video

ESL Troll CSGO fans an incredible (fake) Counter-Strike 2 trailer, and you should probably watch it...
ESL Troll CSGO Fans With Fake CS2 Video

Releasing on the 25th of May, the ESL Counter-Strike YouTube channel showcased a brand new video called "Counter-Strike 2: Innovations." Currently sitting at 720k views in 17 hours, the video features several new Counter-Strike two-game modes, character perks, skins, and new CS2 concepts that would quite frankly ruin the game.

More specifically, ESL featured several game-breaking concepts such as a player "invisibility cloak" and upgrading the taser known as the Zeus to have the ability of a Black Ops zombies wonder weapon. As captivating as the video appears, the overtone of the entire video remains a joke considering ESL releasing critical news on CS2 instead of Valve. However, the video is relatively believable until we reach around forty seconds into the "trailer."

Counter-Strike 2: Innovations 

As ridiculous as the trailer appears, there are several concepts we can dissect that could potentially provide a better casual aspect within CS2. CSGO has never failed to provide an entertaining casual experience, with game modes like the "flying Scoutsman," but these new concepts seen in the Innovations trailer are unbeatable - ESL could be onto something.

Here are the trailer concepts that we can dissect: 

  • Bounty game mode 
  • Zeus taser skins 
  • Incredibly powerful Zeus game mode
  • Invisibility cloak 
  • Character taunts 
  • Vehicle game modes 
  • Seasonal map changes 
  • Ability to breach and destroy breakable walls 

Despite these concepts not working in competitive play, most definitely destroying Counter-Strike and causing war against Valve, these concepts could be an incredibly fun implementation into CS2 casual game modes. Imagine just losing a close 14-16 on Inferno and cheering yourself up with the Zeus game mode, electrifying the server with the power of a handheld taser. 

CSGO would make incredible returns from adding Zeus skins into the game; people would go crazy and essentially throw their wallets at Valve for a Doppler Ruby Zeus. Adding the invisibility cloak into Dangerzone as a potential power-up would also be enjoyable to players.

Notwithstanding the abundance of potential, these concepts most definitely won't be implemented into CS2. These concepts would've sparked some bright minds, causing potential modders to recreate these great concepts on behalf of the CS2/CSGO community - we hope!