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How To Download, Play Counter Strike 2 Limited Test

Here is how you can get access to Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test and download it.
How To Download, Play Counter Strike 2 Limited Test

Counter-Strike 2 (CSGO 2) has finally been announced by Valve, and it will release in the Summer of 2023, bringing tons of upgrades to graphics, high-definition VFX, responsive smokes, and much more. Apart from this, its Limited Beta Test also begun on March 22, and players will be able to test all the features available in it to provide direct feedback to devs. 

If you can't wait to play Counter-Strike 2, here is how you can enter its Limited Beta Test.

How to Download & Play Counter-Strike 2 Limited Beta Test

Counter-Strike 2 Limited Beta Test.
Counter-Strike 2 Limited Beta Test. (Picture: Valve)

Valve has sent invitations to a selected number of players for the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Beta Test based on various factors like recent playtime on Valve official servers, trust factor, Steam account standing, and more. 

If you are selected, then you will receive a notification in the main menu of CS:GO, and to enter the Limited Test, you will have to select the "ENROLL" option, and the download will begin. Once the download is completed, you will have to launch CS:GO and select the "Limited Test" option to play the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test.

If you have not been selected right now, it doesn't mean that you will not get access to it at all as Valve has announced that they will be adding more playing to the Limited Beta Test with time. So, it is advised that you should keep on checking CS:GO's main menu.

Initially, the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test will offer Deathmatch and Unranked Competitive matchmaking on Dust2 only; however, future limited test releases will add other game modes, maps, and features as well.