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Counter-Strike 2 (CSGO 2): Release Date, Limited Test, Gameplay

Counter-Strike 2 (CSGO 2) is set to release soon as per the latest report, and here is everything we know about it.
Counter-Strike 2 (CSGO 2): Release Date, Limited Test, Gameplay

In 2022, rumors started revolving around the internet regarding CS:GO, one of the most popular FPS games, being ported to Source 2. However, since there was no solid evidence or official announcement, the rumors faded away; but recently, another leak sparked the discussion around Counter Stike 2 in the community. 

As per the leak by a Reddit user, DAOWAce, NVIDIA's latest driver update added support for two apps names "csgos2.exe" and cs2.exe," and while some questioned that these types of leaks were found for some other titles as well that never got released, gabefollower replied with a list of games that were leaked in the same manner.

Following these leaks, Richard Lewis reported that his sources confirmed that "not only is Counter-Strike 2 real, but it's coming very soon." The much awaited announcement has been done by Valve and they have announced Counter-Strike 2 officially and all of its details including release date, new features, and more. 

Counter-Strike 2: Release Date and Limited Test

Counter-Strike 2 Release Date and Limited Test.
Counter-Strike 2 Release Date and Limited Test. (Picture: Valve)

Valve has officially announced that Counter-Strike 2 will release globally in the Summer of 2023, and it will be a free upgrade to CS:GO. The Limited Testing for it started on March 22, and its access has been given to a limited number of players who will be testing out various features of the game and will provide feedback to devs. 

Counter-Strike 2 New Features and Gameplay

Counter-Strike 2 New Features and Gameplay.
Counter-Strike 2 New Features and Gameplay. (Picture: Valve)

Dynamic Smoke Grenades

Counter-Strike 2 will bring one of the biggest changes to Smoke Grenades as they will act as dynamic volumetric objects that interact with the environment, and react to lighting, gunfire, and explosions.

Improved Graphics and Optimization

The maps of CSGO have been completely rebuilt from scratch and they will now look cleaner, brighter, and better. Source 2 tools and rendering features have been utilized to make this happen and these will also be available to community map makers in the Item Workshop.

Tick Rate Will Not Matter Now

For such a long time, CS:GO players have been asking for better tick rate servers and in Counter-Strike 2, devs have completely overhauled sub-tick update architecture. From now on, no matter what the tick rate is, "moving and shooting will be equally responsive, and your grenades will always land the same way."

Shinier Looking Items

All the items in CS:GO inventory will be available in Counter-Strike 2 and not only this, but they will also look a lot better because of the Source 2 lighting and materials. This is applicable to stock weapons and character models as well.

Shinier Items in Counter-Strike 2.
Shinier Items in Counter-Strike 2. (Video: Valve)


All of the visual effects in CS:GO have been updated for Counter-Strike 2 bringing all-new look and behavior for water, explosions, fire, smoke, muzzle flashes, bullet tracers, impact effects, and more.

HI-DEF VFX in Counter-Strike 2.
HI-DEF VFX in Counter-Strike 2. (Video: Valve)