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When is The First CS2 Operation DLC?

We discuss when the first CS2 Operation DLC pack could be released as rumors start to swirl.
When is The First CS2 Operation DLC?

Everyone and their pet chicken wants to know when the first Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) Operation DLC pack will be released. It's been years since the last CS Operation, as Riptide released in September 2021. Last year, Valve released CS2, replacing CS:GO, but still, there is no new Operation to enjoy.

We can't wait for new community and Valve-created content, an Operation Coin, exclusive cases, new maps, and possibly even new modes. The hardest part is not knowing how long we have to wait. Let's jump in and have a quick discussion about the potential release of a new CS2 Operation DLC pack.

When Will a CS2 Operation be Released? Let's Discuss

CS2 New first operation release date content counter-strike 2 valve
Each CS Operation has its own unique Coin that you can level up. (Picture: Valve)

At the time of writing, several rumors are making the rounds, including that the first CS2 Operation is close and that it will include a new Mills map, keychains, and much more. We do, however, suggest that you take these rumors with a large helping of salt until such time as Valve officially reveals CS2 DLC details.

It could be months or even years before we get the first CS2 Operation. Valve has always worked on its own time, after all. 

The table below outlines every Operation in Counter-Strike, alongside their release dates, so we have a good overview of historic releases in CS:GO.

CS Operation DLC Release Date of Operation
Payback 25 April 2013
Bravo 19 September 2013
Pheonix 20 February 2014
Breakout 1 July 2014
Vanguard 11 November 2014
Bloodhound 26 May 2015
Wildfire 17 February 2016
Hydra 23 May 2017
Shattered Web 18 November 2019
Broken Fang 3 December 2020
Riptide 21 September 2021

As you can see, we didn't wait more than a year for most Operation DLCs in CS:GO, except for that one huge gap between Hydra and Shattered Web. Even so, it's been almost three years since the last Operation was released, and CS2 is yet to have its first Operation.

We speculate that the first CS2 Operation could be released before the end of 2024. Yes, there are rumors that it could be released in July or August, but we won't take those speculations as fact just yet.

We can say for sure, however, that we'll keep our readers updated with the latest CS2 Operation DLC news. Stay tuned to our Counter-Strike 2 section for all the latest news, updates, esports coverage, interviews, and more.