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CS2 Hidden Achievement: How To Unlock A New Beginning

Here's how you can get the hidden Steam achievement, A New Beginning, in Counter-Strike 2.
CS2 Hidden Achievement: How To Unlock A New Beginning

With the not-so-surprising release of Counter-Strike 2 on 27 September 2023, CS:GO is no more, and its achievements are not available anymore either. Instead, there is just one hidden Steam achievement for CS2.

In this no-nonsense guide, we explain how Counter-Strike 2 players can unlock the "A New Beginning" Steam achievement with ease, so let's Smoke off Banana and Rush B!

CS2 Steam Achievement: How To Unlock

Counter-Strike 2 CS2 hidden steam achievement how to unlock a new beginning
Are you wondering what this new, hidden Steam achievement for CS2 is? (Picture: Valve)

On Steam, with the release of CS2, you'll see one hidden achievement available. However, Valve does not tell you what to do to unlock it. Well, it is really simple. The new CS2 achievement is called "A New Beginning," and it has the tagline/description "This is Counter-Strike, too"

To unlock it, you will have to reportedly get a multikill (two or more kills) in a round, then complete the match of Counter-Strike 2. That's it! If you are struggling to get a multikill in CS2 but want to unlock this achievement right away, then you can click on Play, then "Practice," and then "Training Day," where you will easily get two kills in a round against the bots in this quick training mode.

Please note: Some players are reporting that to unlock the hidden Steam achievement for CS2, you simply need to play a match, with no multikill required, while others report a multikill is required. We tested and got a multikill during our first match, and the achievement popped up after the first round ended.

Are There Any Other CS2 Steam Achievements?

Counter-Strike 2 CS2 hidden steam achievement how to unlock a new beginning
We can't help but wonder when or if Valve will add more CS2 achievements to Steam. (Picture: Valve)

Apart from the A New Beginning achievement, there are currently no other Counter-Strike 2 achievements on Steam. This might change in the future if Valve decides to add some more achievements for their new tactical FPS title.

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In case you've been stuck between smokes on Inferno and missed it, check out the awesome and nostalgic launch trailer for Counter-Strike 2 below!

So there you have it, a way to unlock the hidden Steam achievement for Counter-Strike 2, entitled "A New Beginning," with ease. If anything changes, we will endeavor to update this article faster than you can get killed peeking against a proficient AWP player.