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mezii Player Profile: Taking a Gap Year to Go Pro | GG Chronicles

Thanks to the GG Chronicles series, get to know William "mezii" Merriman with a fantastic CS2 player profile.
mezii Player Profile: Taking a Gap Year to Go Pro | GG Chronicles

The crowd couldn't take their eyes off William "mezii" Merriman at the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024 in London. Team Vitality's Rifler entertained us with some great 1vX plays in front of his home crowd.

The British Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) player grew up in Birmingham as one of three brothers who all played Counter-Strike: Source. His father even took them to big LAN events. Yes, mezii's father and brothers introduced him to Counter-Strike!

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You might not have heard this before and wonder how we came by this info. Well, we learned a lot about mezzi thanks to the GG Chronicles video series from BLAST and GG.BET. 

william mezii merriman player profile brothers fiance gap year
Merriman brothers discussing Counter-Strike. (Picture: GG.BET / BLAST)

In the GG Chronicles player profile focusing on mezii, you'll meet one of his brothers and fiancé and learn how he rose to fame, eventually joining Team Vitality. 

Thanks to the video, we also learned how, just after finishing up his accountancy degree, instead of going further or looking for work in the field, William "mezii" Merriman took a gap year in the hopes of going pro, explaining:

I felt like if I didn't go for this now and try to push myself to make it, it was never really going to happen - Maybe I finish this year and none of this ever happens but, I finished university and within a couple of months I'd signed for GamerLegion.

That was definitely a well-calculated (sorry!) risk that paid off!

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Check out the full video below and get a bit closer to "king mezii" in the process.

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