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Valve Absolutely Plans To Introduce New CS2 Weapons

Valve's development team has confirmed that Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) will get new weapons/guns!
Valve Absolutely Plans To Introduce New CS2 Weapons

Valve unleashed Counter-Strike 2, the direct replacement to CS:GO, to the public on 27 September 2023. While the game is clearly not perfect yet, we now have some future content news to share. Yes, Counter-Strike 2 will get new weapons!

Exactly what the new guns will be and when Valve will introduce new CS2 weapons remain a mystery, but the developers did confirm they plan to release new ones during CS2's lifespan!

New CS2 Weapons/Guns Confirmed

counter-strike 2 new weapons guns valve confirmed CS2
The developers have confirmed CS2 will get new guns! (Picture: Valve)

PC Gamer had a rare opportunity to sit down and discuss Counter-Strike 2 with Valve's dev team. In the interview, the team was asked if they intend to introduce new weapons in CS2's lifespan. The developers confirmed that they "absolutely plan to introduce some new weapons." Yes, "weapons" is plural! 

Yes. It's not the top priority at the moment, but we absolutely plan to introduce some new weapons for CS2. We're always looking for ways to give players more interesting decisions to make in the game, so we'll typically look at cases where players either don't have the right tools to approach a situation, or have only one or two tools available. Where is the gameplay getting stale? What kind of weapon might shake up the status quo?

counter-strike 2 new weapons guns valve confirmed
Just imagine the skin possibilities when Valve releases a new CS2 gun! (Picture: Valve)

It hasn't been smooth sailing in the past when Valve released new guns for CS:GO. The developers touched on the subject, stating:

Over the ten years of CS:GO we learned some occasionally painful lessons about how to gracefully introduce a new weapon to the game. We think we have a handle on how to approach this in the future, and with the customizable loadouts in CS2, shipping weapons should be even more straightforward.

We hope introducing new CS2 weapons is more straightforward, as Valve states. New guns have, for the most part, been met with mixed reception from the larger Counter-Strike community. 

It will, however, be interesting to see how long it takes Valve to release the first new weapon in CS2. We can't help but think that a new gun will be released alongside the first CS2 Operation, but this is just pure speculation.