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Will Counter-Strike 2 Have An Open Beta?

With the Limited Test for Counter-Strike 2, will an Open Beta become available for the game?
Will Counter-Strike 2 Have An Open Beta?

After many years of waiting, Counter-Strike 2 is real and players all over the world are excited to try it out. The Counter-Strike series has cemented itself as one of the pinnacles for competitive gaming for a lot of different reasons. From the maps, and the strategies, to even the skins, players know that the CS series is one of the best competitive games in the world.

Not only that, but the game is extremely popular as well. There is always a large number of players who are enjoying Counter-Strike at any given point, so there are a lot of people who want to get their hands on CS2. While the Limited Test is happening, players hoping that a CS2 Open Beta will happen soon. Here, we will go over that possibility.

Will Counter-Strike 2 Get An Open Beta?

CS2 Open Beta
Counter-Strike 2 has gone through some major upgrades. (Picture: Valve)

At the current time of this writing, Counter-Strike 2 is currently going through a private Limited Test run right now. What likely happened is that Valve chose players based on how long they have played Counter-Strike and their influence. So not everyone can play CS2 early, unfortunately, but there is still a chance for an open beta.

The reason for that is that CS2 will be one of the most competitive games when it eventually launches. To make sure that gameplay is as smooth as possible, a lot of tests need to happen. This includes stress tests on the servers and tests to make sure that nothing is buggy when the game eventually launches this summer.

When Will The Counter-Strike 2 Open Beta Launch?

Counter-Strike 2 Open Beta
The Open Beta For Counter-Strike 2 could be coming sooner than you think. (Picture: Valve)

So far, there is no official news for the CS2 Open Beta just yet. Although it is likely to happen, players will need to be patient for an official announcement of the Open Beta. But that does not mean we cannot speculate when the Open Beta could happen. Since CS2 is supposed to release during the summer, the Open Beta could actually come out very soon.

Valve needs to take the data from the potential Open Beta and use that information to fix up CS2 to their findings. Because of that, the Open Beta for CS2 should happen during the spring of this year. If we had to guess, the CS2 Open Bet could launch during April or May at the very earliest.