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CS2 Premier Mode Explains ELO Rating

Valve could finally release information containing Counter Strike 2 ELO functionality
CS2 Premier Mode Explains ELO Rating

After years of predictions, assumptions, and guessing, players could potentially be given answers regarding Counter Strikes matchmaking elo system. Players for the last few years have resorted to guessing how the Counter Strike Global Offensive elo system works, only knowing for sure that winning means gaining elo and losing means losing elo. Players have resorted to finding alternative systems that explain elo, such as using the Faceit matchmaking services offering alternative ranking systems and elo for players to enjoy. 

This has resulted in a significant loss of player base for the mainstream CSGO servers as competitive players desire to understand how the Elo system works. However, after several months of releasing leaks and information about Counter-Strike 2, @_ale_cs, @poggu__, and @aquaismissing have leaked and visually presented the new features of Counter-Strike 2 explaining and dissecting elo on Counter-Strike 2s Premier mode. 

Counter-Strike 2: Elo System Explained 

The Elo system within Counter-Strike 2 is finally listed at the beginning of each premier match being played within the starting animation. This will allow players to draw conclusions about the current Elo system we have in place with Counter-Strike Global Offensive, which will be rather interesting considering the abundance of predictions and assumptions made regarding the subject. 

The video depicts multiple examples of the Elo rating chart at the beginning of each game, showcasing the win, loss, and tie rating alongside their Elo gain/loss. It's shown that drawing a game alongside an enemy team will actually reduce the amount of Elo gained, being very unusual considering players can currently experience rank-ups when drawing games within the current Counter-Strike Global Offensive title. 

This draws new potential for features within Counter-Strike 2, with players possibly knowing how many wins/losses they need to lose their rank or rank up. This will bring a completely new level of grind to Counter-Strike; players before were playing matchmaking unaware of their progress, making it feel less meaningful, but this changes the game and player mindset completely.