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Counter-Strike 2 Release Time: Countdown To Full Launch

Join us as we count down the days and hours until the full launch/release of Counter-Strike 2!
Counter-Strike 2 Release Time: Countdown To Full Launch

Are you hyped for the full release of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), Valve's updated tactical shooter? Then you are definitely not alone, so join us as we count down the days and hours until the game's expected full release on Steam.

In this consistently updated article, we have release date speculation for Counter-Strike 2, alongside a countdown timer that you can stare at as the days and hours tick away until Valve unleashes CS2 on the world.

Update on 27 September 2023: Everything points towards a release of Counter-Strike 2 today! We are still waiting, and so is ESL, and the pro teams, and everyone else!

CS2 Release Time & Date Speculation

Counter-Strike 2 CS2 release launch time date countdown full
We can't wait to climb the regional leaderboards when Counter-Strike 2's full release takes place! (Picture: Valve)

Valve opened up the floodgates to Counter-Strike 2's Limited Test early in September 2023, and since then, players have been jumping in by the hundreds of thousands. 

Please note: At the time of writing, there is no official CS2 release time and date. Below is our estimate based on leaks and datamined info. 

Datamined info pointed towards an end-of-September release for Counter-Strike 2 Season 1. To throw some very legitimate fuel on the fire, Valve asked on Twitter, "What are you doing next Wednesday?" pointing towards a possible full CS2 release on 27 September 2023.

Based on historic release teams and the latest info available, we therefore expect the Counter-Strike 2 release time and date to be 19:00 UTC on Wednesday, 27 September 2023. We will update this piece of the article as soon as Valve officially announces the game's full launch.

Countdown to Counter-Strike 2's Launch

Below, you will find a countdown timer based on the speculation in the first section of this guide, counting down the days, hours, and minutes before the launch of CS2.

CS2 Release Time & Date Countdown

While you wait for the full release of Counter-Strike 2, or if you've been stuck in an object on Inferno, maybe spend some time watching the "Beyond Global" trailer over and over again! 

So there you have it, the expected full release of Counter-Strike 2 and a countdown timer you can watch like a hawk. As soon as official information becomes available, we will update sections of this article as necessary, so stay tuned!